Forcite Alpine Smart Helmet

Winter is cascading towards as we speak and this inevitably means that a lot of begin to think about winter sports like snowboarding and skiing and, if like us you’ve got a certain penchant for gadgets, you’ll start your hunt for the latest and greatest bits of kit that you can take up on the slopes with you. This leads us nicely onto the Forcite Alpine Smart Helmet, which is billed as the first smart helmet for snow sports and, as you’ll soon see, you’ll definitely want one.

Gadgets and technology have become increasing prevalent into the world of snow sports and, if you’re one who hits the slopes regularly, it can be quite cumbersome to carry all these separate bits and pieces with you such as cameras, GPS, headphones, radios and so forth and that’s why we’ve been left mightily impressed by the Forcite Alpine Smart Helmet because it combines all these bits of apparatus into one, awesome looking, helmet.

With an in-built 4k camera for recording all the action on the slopes and advanced sensors to track your movement and lines, this impressive looking construct is unquestionably going to appeal to any snow sport aficionado and, better still, there is still plenty of time to bag one for a bargain price over on Kickstarter.

Being connected on the slopes would have been unheard of a matter of years ago but bits of technology like the Forcite Smart Helmet are revolutionising the pursuit and it doesn’t just provide all the connectivity you require, it looks great whilst doing it. Check out a few more shots below:

[vimeo width=”750″ height=”450″][/vimeo]


front camer 3



TRAIL light

The Forcite Alpine Smart Helmet completely overhauls the traditional ski helmet from the ground up and gives it a whole new technological lease of life that is going to appeal to any regular skier. Extremely easy to operate, fantastically advanced technology and impressive levels of connectivity all combine to make this one bit of kit that you can’t afford to be without on your next skiing trip.

With so many gadgets and bits of technology to remember when hitting the slopes, it’s great to have a piece of apparatus that amalgamates them into a single entity in the form of the Forcite Alpine Smart Helmet. With an accompanying app that makes sharing the footage you capture a walk in the park, you really will be amazed with just how technologically superior, intuitive and outright cool this cracking piece of kit really is. An absolute must for all those snowboarders and skiers out there.

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