Forest House

Forest House or Maison FORÊT from nda Architects is a real sight to behold and the sort of modern architecture that we can’t help but be bewitched by here at Coolector HQ. It’s all sleek lines, elegant materials and clever use of space and for those with a love of minimalism and being at one with nature, this is definitely the house for you.

This beautiful residential property is designed as a tribute to the living forest that surrounds it and it takes a lot of inspiration from the stunning forest in which it resides. Forest House from nda Architects is positioned discreetly between the rocks and in a forest which is overflowing with hemlock, maple and birch. Celebrated both outside and inside, wood dominates the design of this majestic looking home.

One With Nature

Stunning and understated in equal measure, Forest House in Canada has been designed for a couple of Montreal professionals, who have an affinity for the forest and had been cherishing the dream of living in the heart of nature for several years. Well, that dream has become a reality in some considerable style with this majestic, luxurious home in the heart of the woodland.

Spectacularly designed and pleasingly polished, Forest House from nda Architects is located in a popular vacationing spot for local Montrealers. Its proximity to Montreal, at around one hundred kilometers away, and its natural assets now make it an increasingly popular place for homeworking enthusiasts to head to work in one of the most restful and relaxing spots imaginable.

The three-acre property, with its rugged terrain dotted with rocky slopes, immediately catches the eye upon arrival but the designers have done an excellent job in ensuring it nestles in nicely with its environment. Needless to say, both architects and clients should survey the land length and breadth before determining the best location for building a house that is both surrounded by trees and bathed in natural light. And, as you can see, Forest House seems to have hit the sweet spot for sure.

Majestic Materials

You’ll see that wood is to be found everywhere in this 215m2 house and this helps it to achieve total harmony with the forest. The roof structure, which has been left exposed, is crafted from engineered wood from northern Quebec. Particular care has been taken in the design and finish of these structural elements, which are staggered in regular spans 3.9m on each side.

Bleached black spruce was utilised for the roof structure, whilst the exterior cladding consists of planks of greying white cedar, to which an ageing accelerator has been applied to speed up the finished aesthetic. On the inside, solid maple has been used for the kitchen counters as well as maple veneer, while all of the built-in furniture is made of Russian plywood. The shades of blond, bleached and greying wood, highlights the richness of the natural material, and blends into the discreet hues of the white painted gypsum, the grey concrete, and the natural aluminium of the windows.

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