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English refinement and aesthetic flair are key ingredients for many different types of accessories but, uo far as watches are concerned, you’ll see few brands capturing the essence of being British better than the guys at Fredrick Jackson and their superb range of Tailor timepieces which are the ideal choice of watch for any many looking for an understated, well made and versatile accessory for their wrist.

Fredrick Jackson are a forward thinking, contemporary British lifestyle brand, whose design inspiration is heavily influenced by the start of the 20th century when Great British refinement was at its best. They live by the notion of ‘timeless design that enriches life’ and this way of thinking is something that is well and truly reflected in the first class line up of Fredrick Jackson Tailor Watches which we’re very much enamoured with here at Coolector HQ.

Tailored to Perfection

As the name of the watches suggests, the brand came to fruition from a tailor’s passion for precision and when Fredrick sat meticulously hand-crafting garments for his clientele back in 1910, his attention to detail and love of flawless style became well known and it is on his rich heritage for design inspiration and direction that the cracking collection of Fredrick Jackson Tailor Watches get their design inspiration and own magnificent craftsmanship.

The overriding objective of these Fredrick Jackson Tailor Watches is to combine contemporary fashion trends with a top quality, tailored product and, as you can see from the understated visual appeal and excellent materials used in these timepieces, this is a mission that has well and truly been accomplished. An awful lot of discussion, research and design development has gone into the finished product of these Tailor Watches from Fredrick Jackson and the attention to detail and quality of finish is plain to see.

Designed to be the go-to timepiece in your watch collection, the Fredrick Jackson Tailor Watches are stylish and striking without being overbearing on the wrist and deliver the sort of refined, modern aesthetic that most men look for in a watch today. These superb looking timepieces can be worn for just about any occasion, whether this be a business meeting or a day at the beach and they aim to compliment your wrist with its vibrant punches of colour bringing the classic design to life in some considerable style.

Well Made Wares

Tailors are synonymous with quality so it stands to reason that these timepieces inspired by the work of a master tailor in Fredrick Jackson put excellence front and centre in both their design and the choice of materials used in their crafting. Just some of the stand out features to be found with these Tailor Watches from Fredrick Jackson include a Swiss Ronda 1069 movement, 316L Stainless steel polished IP silver casing, scratch resistant sapphire glass and interchangable 20mm wide, hand stitched Italian leather straps.

For those of you on the hunt for an affordable, incredibly stylish timepiece with some mighty impressive features and materials, you’ll find everything you’re looking for and more with these fantastically well conceived and tailoring influenced timepieces from Fredrick Jackson. We’ve been left in awe of the top class craftsmanship and stylish visual impact of these watches here at Coolector HQ and have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending them to any minimalist watch lover out there. If you’ve liked what you’ve seen you can join the #imwithfredrick social movement by following @imwithfredrick on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.

Price: £135

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