Freitag F729 EXTRA+LARGE Holdall Bags

Sometimes you just need a bit of extra space from a carry and a holdall is the ideal candidate for these times but, quite frankly, we doubt you’ll have seen one quite as spacious as these Freitag F729 EXTRA+LARGE Holdall Bags which are a new limited edition release with space in spades. Freitag are a brand famed for making their bags from recycled lorry canvas and just in time for Christmas they have slaughtered a whole bunch of enormous, multicolored trucks and used them to cut out a heap of 1729 larger-than-life, one-off statement pieces in the shape of these ace looking F729 Holdall Bags.

Released just in time for Christmas shopping and carrying back as many gifts as you can from the high street, these Freitag F729 EXTRA+LARGE Holdall Bags are being released in extremely limited numbers so move quick if you want to get one for yourself. They have been created for great personalities, even greater secrets, or simply to carry home as many gifts as you can and they are both incredibly robust and extremely eye-catching and will become the main bag for any big shops you find yourself on.

Great Looking Recycled Goods

FREITAG are all about standing for the sensible use of resources combined with an excessively wasteful approach to diversity and individuality. After all, in every FREITAG Store from Zurich to Tokyo, urban individualists can take their pick from a wide array of unique and striking bags to find the perfect one that fits their lifestyle, their ego or, quite simply, their mood. That’s the quintessence of a FREITAG bag and if you’re the sort that goes on big shopping trips, the F729 EXTRA+LARGE Holdall Bags will be the ideal one for you.

To address the issue of wastefulness, FREITAG has created a huge range of just 1729 unmissable mementos in the form of 1729 hugely oversized, individual tote bags. Needless to say, this tarp bag behemoth may not be ideally suited to everyday use so, in keeping with FREITAG’s inability to break its own mould while maintaining a commitment to high functionality, every one of them comes with a small, practical crossbody EXTRA bag for all your smaller stuff: things you need to have handy that shouldn’t sink to the bottom of a large bag.

The F729 EXTRA+LARGE is an appealing combination of a larger-than-life tote bag which has been combined with a smaller, practical EXTRA. Each bag has been cut from the same truck tarp, so this one-off double act is designed for individuals who want to clamp their big personalities under their arm, conceal their true identity, or simply want to preserve the surprises of their Christmas and other shopping this festive period.

Extremely Limited Release

There will be just 1729 of these bags from FREITAG released so if you fancy getting your hands on one, you’ll need to make sure to move quickly. Priced at £250, they might not come cheap but from a robustness perspective they will be tough to beat. This highly individual, oversized tote bag might be low on practicality but ideal for hiding all sorts of stuff, which can include yourself should you wish. It also comes with an additional pair of short handles for the vertically challenged under 6 foot 4. Hang it onto one of your strong shoulders, stick it under your arm, or simply drag it along.

The fact it comes with a small, practical, crossbody bag with a narrow, extra-long strap, zippable compartment for all your small valuables, and a larger inner compartment for even more valuable stuff, like your smartphone, ramps up the functionality of this purchase no end. Hang it onto your LARGE as an EXTRA inner compartment or simply sling it around yourself and let it hang loose.

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