Tenkara Teton Zoom Fishing Rod

Though we love heading out into the wild and camping here at Coolector HQ, we’ve never really given fishing a go but when you come across brands as cool as Tenkara Rod Co. and their brand new Kickstarter campaign, the incredibly well conceived and crafted, Teton Zoom Fishing Rod, it’s enough to make you want to get started. And for those who are already regular fishermen, this might just be the rod you’ve been waiting for.

The Teton Zoom Fishing Rod from Tenkara is already making waves on Kickstarter amongst fishing enthusiasts and it is a mighty versatile offering with two adjustable lengths. This means that you can fish it at either 10.5ft or 12ft and it is also incredibly lightweight, weighing in at just 3.5 ounces. If, like we suspect most will be, you intend to take this on your outdoor adventures into the wild, you’ll be pleased to hear the Teton Zoom collapses down to just 24 inches in length. The perfect portable fishing solution.

Japanese Inspirations

The name “Tenkara” is derived from a Japanese form of fly fishing and dates back hundreds of years and even pre dates the Western or traditional form of fly fishing. Typically involving a long rod around 8-13 feet in length, along with a very lightweight fixed line, tippet, and flies.  There is no reel in Tenkara.  This is important because it makes it much easier to learn because it helps you focus on the fly and not the line – so for those of you new to fly fishing, this could be the perfect choice of rod for you.

With an adjustable length, the Teton Zoom Rod from Tenkara is proving a mighty popular product on Kickstarter because not only is it incredibly functional and versatile, it also happens to look awesome as well. The result of two years of prototyping, this first class rod lets you easily transition from small water to bigger water.  In addition, the Teton Zoom will also reduce the need for carrying other rods on your trips.  For example, instead of of having a 10.5 ft. rod and a 12 ft. rod, you now just need this top notch offering from Tenkara.

Quality materials abound throughout the construction of the Teton Zoom Rod from Tenkara. You’ll discover a high quality cork handle which has great ergonomics and is lightweight in nature. This is joined by the carbon fibre rod – chosen because of its robustness and lightweight qualities. Last but not least, these excellent rods have aluminium fittings which give them the sleek, elegant finish and stylish aesthetics that today’s fly fishers will appreciate.

Perfect For Beginners

Ideal for newcomers and regular fly fishers alike, the Teton Zoom Rod from Tenkara is the sort of project which inevitably does well on Kickstarter. Brilliantly designed and crafted and about as functional as it gets, this cracking fishing accessory is extremely simple to use, lightweight and portable so if you’ve got any fishing / camping trips planned in 2018 and want to keep your carry to a minimum, this is the rod for you.

If fly fishing is something you’ve long being want to get into but didn’t know where to start, this Teton Zoom Rod from Tenkara might be the perfect catalyst. There’s still time to head on over to Kickstarter and pick up one of your own for a bargain price and you’ll become a fly fishing master in no time, we’re sure.

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