Freitag Zippelin Inflatable Travel Bag

When travelling around a lot, you’re certainly going to want a bag that is versatile in the extreme and can work to the various space confinements and requirements that you’re likely to have. From a versatility point of view, you’re unlikely to find a more functional carry, geared towards travelling, than this superb Kickstarter project that goes by the Freitag Zippelin Inflatable Travel Bag.

The Freitag Zippelin Inflatable Travel Bag is the brand’s first rolling travel bag and it gets its functionality and usefulness from the fact that it is incredibly spacious when you require it and becomes wonderfully compact when you don’t. This eye-catching carry from Freitag has been hand-cut in Switzerland from recycled truck tarps to give it a visual impact quite unlike any other travel bag out there and a level of resilience and durability that it beyond compare.

Up, Up and Away

With a capacity of 85L when inflated, this extraordinary carry from Freitag certainly isn’t lacking in storage space and when it’s deflated and empty, it can be rolled away to take up a fraction of the space. The old truck tarpaulins used in the crafting of the bags from Freitag is a real selling point and something that differentiates them from the pack visually but it’s more than just the aesthetics that are of benefit here, this material provides a real resilience from the elements and general wear and tear.

The Freitag Zippelin Inflatable Travel Bag is certainly not likely to be mistaken for someone else’s luggage at the baggage claim such is their distinctive look and feel and the amount of storage on offer makes them perfectly suited to those trips away. What really makes this carry different from other travel cases is the fact they’ve gone above and beyond to make it as lightweight as possible and this is something that has been achieved by removing the conventional frame and replaced it with the inner tube of a bicycle.

An inner tube can be inflated quickly and simply by using a standard pump and somewhat incredibly, the pressurised air provides more than enough support for your luggage without the weight of a bulky frame that you’ll find in most travel bags. The Freitag Zippelin Inflatable Travel Bag is built for long haul adventures and, when you return home and don’t want luggage to take up all the space in your attic or wardrobe, you’ll be pleased to hear it rolls up and takes up less space than 2L of booze. Win, win.

Unusual Design

We’re big fans of the unusual and striking aesthetic of all the carries from Freitag, all of which are made from recycled taups, and they’ve added in a whole new level of functionality and performance with the Zippelin Travel Bag which is well and truly taking Kickstarter by storm and has amassed around £250k in funding already from the travel set who crave a versatile and stylish bag for their long haul requirements.

If you want a reliable, well-crafted and innovative piece of luggage that provides all the storage space you’ll need for those long haul holiday trips but takes up a fraction of the space when you get home, this fantastic offering from Freitag would be our pick here at Coolector HQ. Resilient, cleverly designed and wonderfully versatile, it really isn’t difficult to see why it’s proving so popular over on Kickstarter – head there now and pick yours up for a bargain price.

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