Fuel Green Wasp OSSA Motorcycle

Old school cool vibes abound with this awesome looking Wasp OSSA Motorcycle from the guys at Fuel and if you like your bikes to be classical in design and performance. This mesmerising machine is based on the creations of the OSSA workshop who produced all manner of motorcycles from the 1920s through to the early ’80s. They created road bikes, budget commuter motorcycles but they were most synonymous with their off-road motorbikes.

In the halcyon days of motocross and before the Japanese brands came in and and elbowed European manufacturers out of the running, OSSA enjoyed international success with their line up of enduro machines. They were reliable, were simple. And, most importantly, they were mighty fast. This Fuel Wasp OSSA Motorcycle is a celebration of those bikes and it’s overflowing with vintage vibes that we’re loving here at The Coolector.

Effortlessly Cool Aesthetic

For this build, the guys at Fuel Motorcycles were able to use a locally-sourced, free-range Ossa. The 2-stroke Pioneer 250 was vastly popular throughout the ’70s in Europe and America and they boasted a lofty reputation as an uncompromising winner. Fuel wanted this custom to be competitive on the road as well as being visually superior – as the bike is due to make its debut at the ‘El Rollo’ flat track event as part of the French ‘Wheels and Waves’ festival.

The Fuel Wasp OSSA Motorcycle is a real sight to behold and looks like the sort of steed you’d expect to see the likes of Steve McQueen navigating. The design inspiration for this build from Fuel was the old Triumph dirt trackers of the 1970s. The main idea for this build was to make a motorcycle as straightforward as possible, with only the essentials needed to run and the stripped back design is right up our street here at Coolector HQ.

Fuel found a Triumph Trackmaster fibreglass fuel tank, as well as a retro single-seat and metal rear fender as the foundation for this mighty impressive build. To fit this to the Green Wasp, the Fuel Motorcycles team had to modify the rear of the subframe to ensure a snug fit, something which was vital to giving the bike a ‘semi-stock’ appearance.

A Lot Going On Under The Hood

Given the understated nature of the exterior, you’ll be surprised to hear how much is going on inside this breathtaking bike. At the front twin, 41mm forks were adapted from a Kawasaki. At the rear of this Wasp OSSA Motorbike, the hub and brake assembly are taken from a Beta 80, with Mitas dirt track tires sported at both ends. A YSS rear shock keeps the back-end under control.

Last but not least, the bike went in for a stunning layer of green chilli metal flake, which was carried out by paint maestros the Bip Bip Boys. This rounding out a motorcycle that is every bit as good-looking as it is competitive. We love bikes with a vintage vibe here at The Coolector and this belter from Fuel Motorcycles is the finest we’ve encountered in some time.

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