Fuel Motorcycles “Rally Raid” Jacket

For those who have a penchant for the world of motorcycling and the apparel in particular will be in their element with the fantastic looking “Rally Raid” Jacket from the guys at Fuel Motorcycles. Whilst it is clearly designed and crafted with riding in mind, it is unquestionably stylish and effortlessly cool enough to be worn both on and off the bike and it’s certainly made a fan in us here at Coolector HQ.

Fuel Motorcycles began designing stylish riding gear that combines vintage looks from the past with all the innovations of modern technology and there are few better examples of this in action than the ace looking Fuel “Rally Raid” Jacket. The are all about crafting the high-quality retro clothing that they wanted to wear, but couldn’t find on the market and if you’re in the market for an unparalleled piece of outerwear, look no further.

High Quality Materials

High quality design and craftsmanship is the call of the day with the “Rally Raid” Jacket from Fuel Motorcycles. It comes with a price tag of €485 which is obviously quite a lofty price tag but you get what you pay for so far as quality is concerned and this jacket is definitely one of the best in the business as far as we’re concerned here at Coolector HQ. It is all about bringing that sense of adventure to your rides. Each one is expertly-crafted to the highest specifications and will allow you to embrace the off-road adventures in maximum comfort, style and protection. 

The Fuel Motorcycles “Rally Raid” Jacket (€485) is a striking piece of outerwear that is robust, stylish and versatile enough to be worn for two wheeled adventures and trips to the tap room alike. This stunning jacket invokes the spirit of the heroes of a golden era of motorcycling whose goals were to embark on life-changing adventures, not just to win races. The call of the wild was never far from their hearts, and it’s never far from Fuel Motorcycles’ either. 

Whilst unquestionably stylish, the “Rally Raid” Jacket is made for motorcycling and offers all the projection you’d expect from such apparel. It was produced using Smoothways CE level 2 body armour at the elbow, shoulder and spine for extra protection whilst out on the bike. Designed to promote riding together with friends and discovering new horizons and adventures aplenty.

Devil in the Detail

Everywhere you look with the “Rally Raid” Jacket from Fuel Motorcycles you’ll see a great little design feature and material which adds to its aesthetic appeal and overall performance. Each jacket is made from a cotton and polyamid outer fabric and has a waterproof membrane interlayer.

The price tag of €485 is a lot to spend on a jacket of course but when it provides the sort of performance on offer here and the sort of heritage quality that will last a lifetime, it represents great value for money in the long run. We love the visuals of this jacket from Fuel Motorcycles here at The Coolector and whether you’re a motorcycle rider or not, it will add a considerable impact to your wardrobe rotation in 2020.

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