FUELL Fluid Electric Bike

Electric bikes are rapidly becoming the mode of transportation of choice for urban commuters and more and more brands are throwing their hat into the ring to become the go-to brand for e-bike enthusiasts. Well, New York based brand FUELL have caught our eye at The Coolector with their Fluid Electric Bike which is funding over on Indiegogo right now and might just be one of the most accomplished we’ve encountered to date.

The FUELL Fluid Electric Bike on Indiegogo is a premium e-bike spec’d and built by Erik Buell and boasts some of the most impressive features we’ve seen on a ride of this nature and it can be yours for £2183 during the campaign which is some 24% off the final retail price. Designed with city lovers in mind who love travelling around their home town in style and it offers a first class performance and an effortlessly cool aesthetic.

Electrifying Performance

Billed as the best e-bike for commuting around cities, the Fluid Electric Bike from FUELL has taken Indiegogo by storm and understandably so when you consider its great design and build. It has an exceptional range (up to 125 miles courtesy of its two removable batteries with a total of 1,008Wh) and generous torque (100Nm), which makes it virtually maintenance-free with its carbon belt and internal hub gears.

The FUELL Fluid Electric Bike is offered as a Pedelec (max 20mph/25kmh) or S-Pedelec (max 28mph/45kmh) and the team behind its creation have years of experience in producing high quality two-wheeled steeds. It has a robust but lightweight aluminium alloy frame and Shimano Alfine 8-speed gear hub that will ensure it delivers a great on road performance. It has Schwalbe Moto-X 27.5 tyres that are robust and adventure ready enough for more or less any terrain be it urban or in the great outdoors.

With hydraulic brakes, adjustable front suspension and an exclusive motor with an amazing torque for an enjoyable ride, it’s not hard to see why the FUELL Fluid Electric Bike is one of the most successful e-bike campaigns on Indiegogo to date because the Fluid is a step ahead of competition. The dual 504Wh batteries come together for 1,008Wh of power and it will effortlessly tackle your longest commute, in speed and comfort. When you do have to charge, plug the charger or just grab a battery pack, bring it inside, and charge at your convenience.

Versatile Design

Both the 504Wh batteries of the FUELL Fluid Electric Bike are removable and upgradeable. They are removable so that you can charge one inside at home or at the office. Upgradeable so that if battery technology changes, you can upgrade to further increase your range and charging speed. This level of versatility is something that people will want when they are spending this amount of money on an e-bike.

With a couple of weeks left to bag yourself an e-bike bargain, we’re loving what we’ve seen from the FUELL Fluid Electric Bike on Indiegogo. Built with the urban rider in mind, and integrates a maintenance-free Gates Carbon Drive belt system in all models. The Fluid belt drive makes it easy to cycle without messing up your clothes with grease and grime, and doesn’t need to be regularly adjusted. It boasts  a full colour screen providing key information such as speed, distance and battery level, readable in any condition. This dashboard is protected by a PIN code, provides five levels of assistance, a walking-assist mode, and can even charge your phone.

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