Fuoripista Exercise Bike

Getting fit and healthy is a serious business for a lot of people. As is interior design and for those of you with a distinctly stylish home and a desire to exercise within it without introducing a clunky, aesthetically unappealing piece of fitness apparatus into the home, we’ve found the ideal compromise with the stunning Fuoripista Exercise Bike from Adriano Design.

Minimalist and striking at the same time, the Fuoripista Exercise Bike comes from the same stable as the amazing table football design that we’ve featured previously here on the pages of The Coolector and, if anything, this piece is even more eye-catching and impressive. Wonderfully well conceived and crafted, the Fuoripista Exercise Bike will be the perfect choice for any fitness enthusiast who wants their exercise equipment to resemble a work of art whilst getting them fit.

Ride in Style

Billed as a new way of interpreting a fitness accessory, the Fuoripista Exercise Bike from Adriano Design is quite unlike any other piece of fitness apparatus that you’ll likely have encountered and it will add more than a touch of visual gravitas to any room in which you deploy it – such is its impressive construction, it almost seems an affront to actually ride it but that’s exactly what it has been crafted for, it just happens to look far superior aesthetically to anything else on the market.

Using the finest materials in its crafting with the main components of the bike made from wood, glass, and polished chrome, it’s a real head turner and, quite frankly, wouldn’t look out of place in an art gallery, let alone a gym. The Fuoripista Exercise Bike was made as a celebration of the 20th anniversary of the SaloneSatellite (which is the Milan Furniture Fair), this stunning construct showcases what fitness apparatus might look like if it were designed by creatives and designers as opposed to the fitness inclined – and we like what we see here at Coolector HQ.

The Fuoripista Exercise Bike will be exhibited at the aforementioned SaloneSatellite event in Milan and will be in good company as it is an event which typically draws some of the world’s finest furniture designers to it to showcase their latest creations. For those of you with a highly modern and stylish home (with an equally as contemporary home gym), this would unquestionably make the ideal addition.

Fitness First

Though it is unquestionably a stunning piece of design, the Fuoripista Exercise Bike is a functional piece of fitness equipment in its own right but, as we say, whether you could bring yourself to ride it as opposed to just revelling in its glorious design is another matter altogether.

Adriano Design are a studio that have been on our radar previously here at Coolector HQ and they have firmly rekindled our interest in their efforts with this stunning, visually superior contraption. The Fuoripista Exercise Bike really is a fine example of their outside of the box thinking and is sure to be a real showstopper at the upcoming Milan Furniture Fair.

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