Futura is the New Helvetica

We’re secret (actually not all that secret) typography fans here at Coolector HQ and find ourselves strangely obsessed with the myriad fonts that are out there to choose from. Well, it transpires that there are plenty of others out there equally as enamoured with typography and one such chap who goes by the name of Marco Oggian has represented his own particular love of typography superbly well with the rather striking set of Futura is the New Helvetica Prints you see above.

Marco Oggian is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator who has definitely got a penchant for making fonts look either more awesome than they already are and he is of the mindset that “Futura is Totally the New Helvetica” and who are we at Coolector HQ to disagree when he creates prints as awesome as these on that basis.

Artwork is clearly a highly subjective thing, of course, and we’re sure that there will be plenty out there who aren’t won over by a wall-hanging championing the virtues of various fonts but if you’re anything like us here at Coolector HQ then chances are you will have been equally as bowled over by Oggian’s striking Futura is the New Helvetica series of prints.

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