G-Mercedes LLC: One-off Custom build 4-door G500 XL Pick-up

We love workshops that go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to restoring classic vehicles and G-Mercedes LLC, who operate out of Southern Utah, are one of the best in the business in rejuvenating Mercedes G-Class. A fine example of this in action is their stunning One-off Custom build 4-door G500 XL Pick-up which will be right up the street of any man after a stealthy looking steed to hit the road with this summer.

G-Mercedes LLC has a workshop in Cedar City, Utah, and boast many years of experience in expertly restoring G-class Mercedes. Their focus lies with good quality vehicles and they custom make their builds, like this extraordinary looking one-off Custom build 4-door G500 XL Pick-up, to order. There is a real attention to detail in the design and first class components used throughout that will really put this G-Class in a league of its own.

One in a Million Build

There is a real sense of uniqueness to this exemplary build from G-Mercedes LLC and it is a one-off custom build, 4-door G500 XL pick-up that immediately catches the eye with its uncompromising aesthetic and striking design. It boasts an iconic, classic pedigree and thoroughly contemporary performance which is well suited to 21st century adventures. You’ll be blown away by the details both inside and out and G-Mercedes LLC has certainly showcased their restoration skills with this first class build.

It’s clear that G-Mercedes LLC love what they do and this XL pick-up was custom build and it has been put together using only original Mercedes OEM parts for that added touch of authenticity and unbeatable performance. Extensively upgraded throughout, this G-Mercedes LLC: One-off Custom build 4-door G500 XL Pick-up is a real jaw dropper and it is a 50 State legal vehicle which was first sold in California before later residing in Utah.

Fitted with the still low milage 5 liter V8 gas engine, 5-speed automatic transmission, and original Beadlock Hutchinsons aluminum 16”rims, with Toyo MT Off road tires, the tangible sense of quality to this build has left us genuinely impressed here at Coolector HQ and it’s not hard to see why G-Mercedes LLC is so well regarded based on the quality of their restoration builds.

First Class Features Throughout

Everywhere you look with this restoration build from G-Mercedes LLC there are eye-catching features that help to set it apart. They have maintained the folding forward rear seats for cargo space purpose, and all the other features that were on the vehicle installed by the factory such as the sunroof. It comes with the original leather interior and dash and a Custom made Mercedes “Professional”-style roof rack and ladder.

For any man looking for the ultimate status symbol vehicle, this one from G-Mercedes LLC certainly won’t disappoint and the exemplary build quality makes it a real stand-out performer out on the open road. G-Mercedes LLC is a new workshop on our radar here at The Coolector but based on the calibre of this jaw-dropping build, you can rest assured we’ll be keeping a close eye on any further builds that come out of their Utah workshop.

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