KEAP The Active Shorts

Keeping fit and healthy is a priority for many right now but finding the right kit that offers the sort of functionality we require isn’t always straightforward. When it comes to shorts for working out, the issue of pockets is one that keeps rearing its ugly head but no more courtesy of these superb looking KEAP The Active Shorts which offer the sort of versatility fitness fans have been craving for a long time now.

The KEAP The Active Shorts aren’t just incredibly functional, they are also mighty wallet friendly to boot and have a price tag of just $59 which, when you consider their fitness performance potential, represents excellent value for money. The devil is in the detail with these shorts and if you’ve long been struggling with keeping your EDC in check whilst out and about exercising, these are definitely the shorts for you.

Form & Function Rolled Into One

You wouldn’t think pockets would make such a big difference to fitness apparel until you’ve seen them in action with these KEAP The Active Shorts. It is clear that they went to extensive lengths to craft the perfect pocket for these shorts. The top-loading opening and the 9.5″ deep interior will help ensure your phone stays in place, especially when you sit down, and will not fly loose whilst exercising.

The Active Shorts from KEAP ($59) also have a zipper in the back for extra storage potential. This back pocket is ideally suited for your wallet, and boasts a high-quality zipper and reflective charcoal tape all around to help make sure your wallet stays in place whatever activity you’re doing whether it be a brisk walk or full-on workout.

Fitness apparel needs to be made of tough stuff in order to keep pace with the most rigorous of routines and that’s something which is very much in evidence with these KEAP The Active Shorts. Most shorts designed for fitness don’t have pockets which are deep enough to be of any use whilst working out and the pockets on these shorts tackle this with horizontally cut pockets which angle away from where your stuff naturally sits, keeping it nice and secure.

Exquisite Details

Everywhere you look with the design of The Active Shorts there is a stand out feature which helps to set them apart from the competition. Some of the stand out features of these fitness orientated shorts include the contrast waistband which sees the drawstring sewn into the back of the waistband so you’ll never have uneven strings, or worry about losing them in the laundry.

Another great element of these shorts is the reflective detailing which is integrated into the design. When it comes to branding, subtle is the way to go and the details with these The Active Shorts from KEAP are all constructed in a charcoal reflective tape. Priced at just $59, you’ve just found your next fitness apparel essential for summer.

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