GANE Vintage Watches

There are some watchmakers out there that positively exude old school cool and, chief amongst them, is GANE and their awesome line up of vintage-inspired, Art Deco-esque timepieces. GANE, pronounced ‘gain’, was taken from the word Hagane which means steel in Japanese. Brushed steel metalwork is its central theme and that is something which inspires and drives the creation of these effortlessly cool watches which, quite frankly, we’re loving here at The Coolector. If you’ve been searching for the sort of watch that Don Draper may well wear, you can call off the search as you’ve just found the prime candidate.

GANE is all about creativity, familiarity and uniqueness and these are the three pillars that inform the design aesthetic of these exemplary timepieces. There are familiar, vintage cues from the looks, yet it is different from any watch you’re likely to have seen before. The unique structure and surfaces make these majestic looking watches stand out from the crowd and they are exceptional value for money with prices starting at just $695. You get an awful lot of bang for your buck with these watches as they don’t just look exceptional, they are made from the highest quality materials and boast first-class craftsmanship to boot.

High Quality Components

The sundial was the first ever timekeeping device invented, and it dates back to 1500 BC. The interplay between light and shadows upon the sundial determines the time of the day and this is the effect that has been brilliantly recreated in the Type C series of watches from GANE. The deep grooves on the indices are CNC milled from the ring structure and set on top of a base plate to create a 3D-layered effect which provides a thoroughly impressive visual impact on the wrist. You can tell that the GANE brand was founded by a photographer because the sleek lines and elegance of these watches lend themselves perfectly to being captured on camera.

Beautifully crafted and pleasing vintage in style, these magnificent GANE Watches (from $695) have really captured our imagination here at Coolector HQ. There is a tangible sense of quality to the touch and the quality of the materials used throughout really does belie their affordable price tag. The deep shadows and contrasts can only be achieved with the innovative and unique two-piece construction of these watches. On the C2 and C3 automatic timepieces, the ring surface is finely brushed in circular direction, while the base plate is brushed in a horizontal direction with impeccable finishing to deliver stunning reflections and overtones in a variety of lighting conditions.

These excellent looking watches from GANE are highly proficient and accurate and utilise the ever-reliable Miyota Caliber 8215 movement which boasts 21,600 bph and a 42 hour power reserve. With a case hewn from 316L surgical grade stainless steel, these watches are incredibly robust and adventure ready but, they are so refined, you’re more likely to save them for more formal occasions than heading out into the wild. For anyone in the market for a watch that positively exudes art-deco vibes (which includes us) the superb line up of watches from GANE will more than fit the bill.

Leo Davie