Gladius Underwater Drone

Barely a day goes by without seeing some sort of new drone on the market but, truth be told, most of these are destined for the skies so when you see those capable of plumbing the depths of our oceans and various lakes, rivers and waterways, we’re inevitably going to sit up and take notice here at Coolector HQ. Enter the Gladius Underwater Drone which boasts a might impressive performance coupled with robust construction to make it the ultimate device for documenting your underwater adventures.

The Gladius Underwater Drone comes in both Standard and Advanced iterations and you can choose the one best suited to your video recording requirements. This amazing bit of kit will open up a world of possibilities under the waves and it is billed as a smart underwater drone crafted for filming, observing and exploring underwater action. It is a lightweight and portable drone  that is able to dive up to a depth of 100 metres, which allows you to capture Ultra HD 1080P/4K quality photo and video directly to its internal storage or you can live stream your dive in real-time if you’d prefer.

Underwater Action in Amazing Clarity

Whether it’s scuba diving, snorkelling or any underwater activity that you’re wanting to document, the Gladius Underwater Drone is the ideal device for the job. This amazing bit of kit is extremely user friendly and the fact it can reach depths of 330ft effortlessly means that you really will be able to capture some amazing footage from within the deep blue sea. It has a built-in Ultra-HD camera and adjustable dimming LED lights on either side which have been carefully optimised for use in water, and thereby letting users take breathtaking, 12 Mega pixel underwater photos and spectacular 4K videos.

The Gladius Underwater Drone comes with a 49mm filter holder, which means that you can install any 49mm filter in front of the camera to see true colours that are going on beneath the waves. It is an incredibly powerful and stable drone that will capture steady footage under water and the unique and innovative Quattro-Thrusters design and auto-stable algorithm ensure that it can nimbly and stably move in all directions at a speed of 4 knots.

Each device comes with replaceable Seawater/Freshwater Ballasts for use in fresh and sea water and all you need to do is pick the proper ballasts for any type of adventure. The video game style controller will make it effortlessly simple to use, even for those not overly familiar with using drone technology and the Gladius Underwater Drone has live webcasting capabilities which means you can effortlessly stream to your Facebook page or YouTube channel in real time.

Portable Design

As you’ll be wanting to take the Gladius Underwater Drone on all your beachside adventures, it needs to have a portable design to facilitate this. This superb, adventure ready accessory comes with its own purpose built backpack that has space for all the bits and pieces that you’ll need to get your drone up and running under the waves. It makes it extremely easy to carry with you to the beach or into a woodland retreat with lakes that can reveal their mysteries.

If you love capturing out of this world footage on land, why not take things to the seas with this brilliant looking Gladius Underwater Drone which we’re loving the look of here at Coolector HQ. With prices starting at £1299 for the standard edition offering, it’s not a cheap device but it is one that will really capture the mesmerising sights and sounds that are to be witnessed out in open water.

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