New Globe Traveller Eco Friendly Luxury Bags

Striking the right balance between luxury and conscientious living isn’t always easy when it comes to buying accessories but for those frequent travellers looking to find the ideal bag over the next few months, you’re in luck because a new brand has entered the fray in the form of New Globe Traveller and their array of Eco Friendly Luxury Bags is a most impressive one indeed.

Funding over on Kickstarter as we speak, the New Globe Traveller Eco Friendly Luxury Bags do an exemplary job of tying together a sense of luxury with a sense of doing one’s part from an ecological point of view and for those of us looking to ramp up the style of our travelling, these bags will unquestionably tick all of the right boxes.

Ethical Travelling

Billed as the world’s first range of ethical luxury bags, which have been crafted from upcyled leather & tyre tubes – there is another element of these first rate accessories that truly sets them apart from the competition – namely that New Globe Traveller will put a child in school every time you buy one of their wonderfully designed and crafted bags so it really is a win, win for all concerned.

With the dual goal of helping to protect the planet, whilst educating the world’s children, it’s really hard not to be won over by the endeavours of New Globe Traveller and when you throw the fact that their collection of luxury bags also look awesome, things just keep getting better and better. When making a purchase of a New Globe Traveller Eco Friendly Luxury Bag, the buyer is asked to send their name and a selfie and, following this, a child’s education in the developing world is supported for a year from the profits, in the name of the buyer.

A mighty impressive line up of carries are to be found with the New Globe Traveller Eco Friendly Luxury Bag collection including a highly versatile backpack, a laptop / business bag and the ideal partner for travelling, their weekend holdall. In each of these designs, the highly quality leather used blends seamlessly with the tyre tubing to produce an aesthetically superior and highly functional and versatile product.

First Class Functionality

For any regular commuter or traveller, you’ll know only too well the importance of having a functional and versatile carry and there are an abundance of features within this collection of New Globe Traveller Luxury Eco Friendly Bags that provide exactly this sort of performance. For example, features like laptop holders, key holders, detachable shoulder straps and various internal pockets are found across their various different bags and you’ll have no complaints whatsoever about both the incredible style and exceptional storage of these first rate carries.

The eco-friendliness of these bags from New Globe Traveller really resonates with us here at Coolector HQ and is definitely something that should be applauded, especially considered the exceptional style of the bags as well. Sourcing unused pieces of leather from tanneries and combing these with fragments of tyre inner tubes, destined for landfill sites, to make these stylish bags, the dedication to helping to reduce waste is tangible. Stylish, versatile and with a real feel good factor about buying one, this is one Kickstarter campaign that we’re hoping to see soar here at The Coolector.

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