Goat Story Gina Coffee Maker

Coffee, for most people, is an essential part of their morning routine and, without it, the day will typically be doomed to failure. As such it’s important to get the day off to a good start by making your coffee in the right way and this leads us nicely onto the superb looking Gina Coffee Maker from Coolector HQ regulars, Goat Story.



Whilst making coffee is a chore to some and a pleasure to others, there’s no doubting the superior taste which is to be enjoyed from a well-made cup of coffee and, with this Goat Story Gina Coffee Maker, that’s exactly what you’ve got in store.

Brewed To Perfection

Fantastically combining old with new, the Goat Story Gina Coffee Maker comingles classic coffee making techniques with the latest technologies to ensure the perfect cup of coffee every time. Soon to launch on Kickstarter, this excellent looking accessory is every coffee lover’s ideal kitchen ally for all manner of reasons but if you’re also a fan of tech, there is plenty to enjoy here too.


Goat Story are well-known for their drinking vessels and have a distinct love of coffee which has transpired into them creating this fantastic looking device which isn’t just a coffee maker but also comes replete with an app, smart-scale and valve which allows you to make pour over coffee until your heart’s content.

Smart Coffee

The Smart Scale that makes up part of the Goat Story Gina Coffee Maker allows you to ensure that you get the perfect ratios each time you make a cup of coffee. The perfect combination of coffee, water and brewing time is calculated and the end result is a delicious cup of coffee every time.


With an first rate app also making up part of the package here – one that will help you come up with your own coffee brews or give you plenty of inspiration from those created by others – the Goat Story Gina Coffee Maker really is the complete package and we’ve no doubts that it will blow it’s funding target out of the water when it hits Kickstarter in a few days time.

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