Bellroy x MAAP Slim Leather Wallet

Bellroy are a purveyor of everyday carry that we’ve got a lot of time for here at Coolector HQ and whenever they embark on a collaboration with another brand, you just know the finished product is going to be of a superior quality. And so it has proven once again with the excellent looking Bellroy x MAAP Slim Leather Wallet, which is perfectly suited to those looking for a solution to their wallet woes whilst cycling.


MAAP are specialists in cycling equipment and apparel and they are serious about delivering the best for regular cyclists and that’s why they’ve teamed up with EDC experts Bellroy to create this first rate wallet that will provide all the storage you need for keys, cards and more without compromising the integrity of your cycling apparel.

Strength & Style

As any cyclist in England will be only too aware of, you’re likely to encounter some pretty terrible weather conditions on your travels so it is important that any wallet is built of sterner stuff and that’s something that can certainly be applied to the Bellroy x MAAP Slim Leather Wallet.



This supremely cool piece of EDC is crafted from all-weather leather that will deal admirably with any weather or environmental conditions you encounter whilst you’re out on your bike – whether this be wind, rain or snow. It also boasts a soft, micro-fiber lining that will protect your phone screen and has a separate pocket for keeping your keys and cards away from your smartphone.

A Convenient Carry

Bellroy know what they’re doing when it comes to making first class everyday carry and this collaboration with MAAP showcases this fact wonderfully well. It has sufficient space for an iPhone 6 / 7 (or similarly sized phone), enough room for anything between two and eight cards (who carries around eight cards nowadays?) and two pockets that can be used for storing the bulkier items you’re likely to take on a cycling excursion like keys and coins.


If you’re the sort that likes to jump on their bike in lycra and have dealt with the issue of not been able to conveniently carry your cards, keys and phone then this clever design and wonderfully well made offering from Bellroy and MAAP will be the perfect solution.

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