Goat Story GINA Smart Coffee Instrument

We’ve got a pretty heavy reliance on coffee here at Coolector HQ and we’re forever on the lookout for devices to help sate this appetite. Enter the Goat Story GINA Smart Coffee Instrument which is definitely one of the coolest looking means of making a coffee on the market. This great looking device from Goat Story will resonate with lovers of vintage design and caffeine and if you’re after something to class up the kitchen a little, look no further.

The Goat Story GINA Smart Coffee Instrument is available for either $125 or $245 depending on which smart features you choose to include and it has the sort of industrial look and feel that we’re big fans of here at The Coolector. This first class piece of design from Goat Story is an award winning piece of apparatus that turns coffee brewing into a special experience. It has a precision valve to control the drip, an integrated precision scale and a dedicated brewing app, which all combine to let you to brew coffee with pour over, immersion and cold drip methods.

Choose Your Style

Aesthetically superior to other coffee makers on the market, the Goat Story GINA Smart Coffee Instrument is available in three different colours – namely, steel, black and white – so you can choose the version that best fits in with your kitchen design aesthetic. In addition, you can also choose whether or not the Bluetooth scale and app are included in the purchase to offer the ultimate in tech centric coffee making alongside the vintage design look and feel of the device.

The Goat Story GINA Smart Coffee Instrument is crafted from carefully selected, high quality materials and this is something which really does add to the tangible sense of quality to this coffee and design lover’s dream product. It boasts a ceramic lid with a ceramic funnel that feels great to the touch and allows for better airflow and flavour extraction when making your favourite beverages. It has a built in scale that enables you to weigh coffee and water while brewing your drink with no extra devices needed.

It has an easily rechargeable battery which can be done with a USB charger. This allows up to 20 hours brewing time and 30 days of standby (1000 mAh Li Polymer battery) for the Goat Story GINA Smart Coffee Instrument so it will always be reading and waiting to perform whenever you need you caffeine fix. The design allows you to completely adjust water drop speed for a brewing technique of your choice and allows for easy cleaning of ceramic and glass parts, plus a completely removable funnel and pitcher.


Another stand out feature of the Goat Story GINA Smart Coffee Instrument is the app that comes with it which will really enhance your coffee making capabilities. The app will connect you with the coffee loving community that shares their brewing blueprints from all over the world so you can follow their guides or even create your own delicious coffee concoctions.


Coffee and design lovers are certainly going to be in their element with this supremely stylish looking machine from Goat Story and if you like to throw in a touch of tech with your coffee as well, this is definitely the one for you. Excellent design and first class materials combine to make this a first class addition to any coffee lover’s line up of goods and we’re definitely looking to get our hands on one here at Coolector HQ.

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