Goat Story Mugs

When on the go, having a coffee (or craft beer for that matter) close to hand is something that we always need here at Coolector HQ and if, like us, you’re always on the lookout for great looking, versatile and functional pieces of EDC to add to your line up, you’ll certainly not go too far wrong with these bonkers but brilliant Goat Story Mugs. Shaped like a horn but actually much more functional than they first appear, these superb looking receptacles will add a whole new level to your imbibing on the go in 2020.

The striking nature of the design with these Goat Story Mugs will immediately draw the eye during your commute and will likely be somewhat of a conversation starter to boot. The guys at Goat Story are big coffee aficionados and make an array of products geared towards the caffeine lover and though you don’t have to be drinking coffee in this horn shaped vessel, it’s the obvious choice (for the daytime at least).

Eye-Catching EDC

We love brands that dare to be a little different with their designs and this is something that you can apply to Goat Story and their fantastic selection of mugs. They are available in a number of different colourways (with the stealthy black option being our favourite here at The Coolector) so you can choose the one that best fits in with your current everyday carry line up.

With prices starting at just $29.50 for these Goat Story Mugs, they’re not going to break the bank but will deliver a useful, eye-catching and versatile option for your drinking needs on a day to day basis. You might think that a horn shaped mug is distinctly impractical and unable to stand up but that’s where the faux leather sheath comes into play and acts as a stand when you want to set your beverage down.

Each Goat Story Mug comes with two leather straps (one long, one short) which can be used to port your receptacle about with ease. You’ll be hard pressed to find a means of taking your coffee on the morning commute more unique than this one and it is ideally suited to those who want to stand out from the crowd a little without compromising on the quality of products that they choose.

Top Class Features

So easy to carry by using the supplied straps which attach the Mug to your bag or you can wear it across your shoulders. The Goat Story Mugs are 100% dishwasher safe (except the leather of course) so easy to keep clean and they are 100% leakproof so you don’t need to worry about any spillages on your way to work.

Available for under $30, these Goat Story Mugs are ideal for anyone wanting to shake up their EDC line up of accessories in 2020. They are great to look at, versatile and available in plenty of different style and colours to suit any taste persuasion. We’re big fans of these superb looking accessories here at Coolector HQ and we might just have found our craft beer’s new best friend.

Leo Davie