Work Hard Anywhere Ruler Bracelet

Whilst you may not think you use a ruler all that much these days, there are always going to be occasions when you find yourself in need of one but you’re sadly lacking when push comes to shove. If this sounds like a predicament that you’ve faced one too many times, you might just want to turn your attention to this rather excellent looking accessory that goes by the name of the Work Hard Anywhere Ruler Bracelet.

The Work Hard Anywhere Ruler Bracelet is, as you might expect from such a mysterious name, a bracelet that doubles as a ruler and for those chaps operating in creative / design industries, it can definitely be counting amongst the essential pieces of everyday carry. This cracking little accessory is handmade in California and is a durable, double loop leather ruler bracelet that not only looks decidedly dapper but also has the functional use as a ruler as well.

This superb little accessory is exactly the sort of design we favour here at Coolector HQ and it is 100% genuine leather which is available in a number of different sizes – 14″ and 16″ – which is larger than many conventional rulers so it will surely come in handy on many occasions in your day to day life. Check out a few more shots of this ace piece of EDC below:









Forever on the hunt for functional, versatile pieces of everyday carry here at The Coolector, it perhaps won’t come as any surprise that we’re massive fans of the Work Hard Anywhere Ruler Bracelet and whilst we can’t remember the last time we had cause to use a ruler, we dare say there will be plenty of other chaps out there for whom measuring things is part of their day to day routine.

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