GOBAG Backpack

With a tagline of ‘think small, pack big’, it might seem not to be the best indication of a backpack’s carrying credentials but it’s not until you realise the key selling point of the GOBAG Backpack that you can see just how impressive a carry it is.

The GOBAG Backpack is a carry-on duffel bag that is perfectly suited for those short breaks or weekend getaways where you’re just taking clothing because it has a mightily impressive feature that will let you take more items of apparel than would otherwise be the case. Boasting a vacuum suppression system that will compact your clothing dramatically to increase the number of items you can carry onto a plane, there are sure to be plenty of frequent travellers out there won over by the GOBAG Backpack.

With a plethora of features that will make it a great carry regardless of whether you utilise the vacuum functionality or not such as a document pocket, laptop harness, detachable rucksack straps and mesh pocket interior, it is a highly versatile and functional carry – check out some more shots below:





We’re always after useful accessories for our travels here at Coolector HQ and the GOBAG Backpack is right up there with the best of them from a usability point of view and if you’ve been looking for a way of cramming more clothing into your plane carry on luggage for a while now, this stylish, functional and hard-wearing carry will not let you down.

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