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When you’re looking for a set of speakers that are capable of keeping up with your adventures, there will be a large list of criteria that it needs to adhere to and you’re not going to find many devices offering more of the essentials than these great looking GoDuo Speakers funding over on Kickstarter now.

The GoDuo Speakers boast such an impressive line up of specifications which includes an incredibly powerful sound, an innovative magnetic connectable base, true wireless stereo and, last but not least, a sleek, stylish design. In addition to all this, the GoDuo Speakers also offers water and an impressive level of shock resistance. The ultimate in outdoor adventure speakers, it’s little wonder that this cracking little device is already taking Kickstarter by storm.

Versatile Audio Solution

The beauty of the GoDuo Speakers over on Kickstarter is the sheer amount of versatility and functionality that they have to offer and regardless of how you intend to use them, they won’t let you down from a performance point of view. You can them independently of one another for stereo sound or, if you’d rather, magnetically join them together for optimum sound quality.

With an amazing battery life, impressive high volume and a booming bass, the GoDuo Speakers are made all the more appealing by the fact they are mighty affordable as well – especially if you get in early with a Kickstarter pledge. Available for under $80 right now, these top notch speakers are manufactured in the same facility as Bose and JBL speakers, which gives you the peace of mind that you’re getting top quality wares.

The GoDuo Speakers deliver a crisp, quality audio through high-fidelity drivers and the built-in subwoofers provide the deep, robust bass to your favourite tunes. The real stand out feature in the design, however, is the magnetic connectivity of the separate speakers and this gives you so many more options in how you use them on a day to day basis. They can be attached to any steel and iron surfaces and this includes things like shelves, tables and your fridge to name but a few.

Quality Sound, Robust Design

The fact that the GoDuo Speakers are entirely wireless allows them to deliver a thoroughly impressive performance and they can can cover both larges open spaces or a small room flexibly with optimised true stereo sound. With water resistance, dust resistance and weatherproof, highly durable design, these awesome looking speakers are the perfect choice for any outdoor adventures you’ve got on the cards over the next few months and beyond.

If you’re in the market for a durable, versatile and innovative audio solution, the GoDuo Speakers certainly get our vote here at The Coolector and their clever design coupled with their eye-catching, wireless performance capabilities does a great job of setting them apart from the competitors and the fact they are so affordable is the real icing on the cake.

Price: $78+

Show Support: Kickstarter

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