Goose Wingman of the Road Tent

If hitting the open road on a motorcycle in search of adventure and sleeping under the stars whilst you do it sounds like your cup of tea, we’ve just stumbled across the perfect product for you in the shape of this superb looking Goose Wingman of the Road Tent which is the ultimate bit of kit for those on two-wheels with a love of camping. This cracking bit of gear is available to buy now and has a thoroughly reasonable price tag of just £310 – which is a bit of a steal for such a versatile and robust piece of camping equipment.

The fantastically designed and crafted Goose Wingman of the Road Tent (£310) is specifically made with motorcyclists in mind and if you’ve ever dreamed of driving down Route 1 perhaps or across Route 66 and want to have an unparalleled level of freedom to sleep under the stars, this is the ideal choice for you. This first class bit of apparatus is the ultimate invitation to adventure and when you get your hands on one, you’re ready to hit the open road to find it.

Match Made in Heaven

If you’ve got a classy looking motorbike lined up for a road trip and want a place to sleep that is equally as classy and well made, this Goose Wingman of the Road Tent is the ideal candidate. This is your all in one camping system which has been designed specifically for you and your motorcycle and will offer the ultimate in versatile sleeping arrangements. With this, there is no need to plan where or when you are going to bed down for the night because the Goose is your Wingman Of The Road, ready when you are.

Capable of being set up in a matter of minutes, the Goose Wingman of the Road Tent (£310) will significantly enhance the freedom you have when you hit the open road. If you see an amazing spot to bed down for the night, you can just pull over and be up and running in no time at all. It is extremely straightforward to assemble on any terrain and it attaches to your bike effortlessly so you’ll never have to be apart. Designed to revolutionise the way you tour on your bike, it’s easy to see why motorcyclists are loving the look of this cracking bit of kit.

Expertly combining  two design types – namely, the traditional motorcycle tent that attaches to the bike, and an Australian-style bit of kit that is typically used as a one-person tent made to be carried on walkabouts in the great unknown,  the Goose Wingman of the Road Tent has all the makings of an essential bit of adventure gear for any regular road-tripping with a touch of wanderlust and spirit for adventure.

Overcoming Challenges

The design of the Goose Wingman of the Road Tent is all about helping motorcyclists overcome the sort of challenges they face on the open road that those in cars don’t experience. Storage space on a motorbike is, of course, at a premium compared to a four-wheeled vehicle but the innovative design of this tent means it takes up very little space when not in use but doesn’t compromise on quality as a result.

The Goose Wingman of the Road Tent has a central sleeping chamber with a verandah awning on one side which attaches to your bike so you can store your gear out of the elements. Both sides of the tent have full length doors with fly screens, and inside you’ll find a heavy duty PVC floor, a foam mattress/sleeping bag, and a small pocket on the wall for storing items like phones, wallets, watches and other EDC. The tent is crafted from a water-proofed 420g ripstop canvas which is ridiculously robust and will stand up to whatever the weather can throw at you.

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