RoamProof PWR27 Power Station

Portable power banks aren’t anything new, of course, but they certainly have their limitations so when we came across this rather astonishing looking RoamProof PWR27 Power Station here at Coolector HQ, it’s safe to say that we sat up and took notice. This excellent bit of kit will be a godsend to the tech inclined and if you’ve got a lot of gear that you need to charge on the go regularly then this will definitely be right up your street as well.

The RoamProof PWR27 Power Station is undergoing a (remarkably successful) pre-funding phase on the company’s website as we speak and deliveries are expected in July 2019. This really is the perfect travel companion for those who need to take their electronic kit in tow such as photographers and the like and it will help ensure you’re never without battery again. It offers up to seven days of endless power and, in an industry first for A/C Powerbanks, it is dust and waterproof (IP67), drop-proof (up to a 1000+ft), and crushproof (up to 2 tonnes).

Fuelled by the Sun

There are all sorts of impressive features to be appreciated with the RoamProof PWR27 Power Station but chief amongst them is the fact that it is the first A/C Powerbank that boasts an integrated solar battery life extension and emergency trickle recharge that adds to its versatile and portable performance considerably. With charging for four devices at once, and a massive 27,000 mAh (99wH) battery, the PWR27 is the largest carry on battery approved by the TSA and all other foreign air regulations (100 wH limit).

Highly impressive from a performance perspective, the RoamProof PWR27 Power Station is available for just $169 during it’s pre-funding phase (down from the intended retail price of $229 when it officially hits the shelves) so if you want to bag yourself a bargain, now is the time to act. It is highly compatible with all manner of gadgetry including laptops, smartphones, go-pros, cameras, Nintendo Switch, and electric razors so no matter what you’re looking to charge whilst you’re travelling, the PWR27 won’t let you down.

The PWR27 Power Station from RoamProof is billed as one of the brand’s most rugged products to date and when you consider just how robust their other gear is, this is quite the accolade. It’s resilience is providing by the TPU Double-Shot Injection Molded Body that is geared for adventure and travel and no matter what far flung climes you head to, this excellent bit of gear will be with you every step of the way.

Keeping your Kit Juiced

Despite the rugged nature of the RoamProof PWR27 Power Station, it is extremely lightweight and won’t weigh your luggage down. It weighs in at just 2lbs so you’ll barely notice it when you’re carrying it around in your hand luggage and the fact it can keep so many devices charged for so long means it’s an absolutely essential addition to the EDC of anyone who regularly travels with a lot of tech in tow.

Available for just $169 for only a few more days, you’ll need to move quickly if you want to secure your RoamProof PWR27 Power Station for a bargain price. Suitable for all manner of tech devices from smartphones to Nintendo Switch, this is one mighty versatile bit of kit and probably the most accomplished power bank on the market to date.

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