Goruck GR3 Backpack

Goruck are a brand that take no prisoners when it comes to their bags and accessories and there are few better examples of this than their fantastically robust GR3® Backpack. This stealthy and stylish offering comes in two different colourways – namely, black and steel – and will deliver the ultimate in travel and adventure carries for whatever is on the agenda for the next few months.

The Goruck GR3® Backpack has a price tag of $395 which is great value for money because you’ll be using this as your adventure essential of choice for many years to come. Designed based on the notion that traveling hands-free is freedom and roll bags suck, you’ll love the liberty this carry delivers. Never check a bag and never drag anything behind you ever again with GR3® from Goruck.

Packed Full of Features

We’re always impressed with the abundant features found in the carries from Goruck and the GR3® Backpack is certainly no exception. It is billed as the largest possible carry-on so if you want to head off on your adventures without having to check your bags, this is the one for you. The Bottom MOLLE webbing on the GR3® effortlessly integrates with the Compression Tough Bag to store sleeping bags or dirty clothes and shoes so it provides a pleasing level of versatility to your packing potential.

The Goruck GR3® Backpack ($395) opens flat so it’s simple to pack and keep organised as you travel. Special Forces medical rucks share a similar design and this provides an unparalleled level of functionality that will come in mighty handy wherever you’re heading be it the gym or a weekend adventure overseas.

Some of the stand out features of the GR3® Backpack from Goruck include the robust YKK zippers with silent, glove friendly zipper pulls which have been crafted from parachute 550 cord and the bombproof laptop compartment which is a separate area next to your back which is extra reinforced to securely take a laptop into combat or, indeed, just out into the wild in search of adventure.

Comfort is Key

When carrying a backpack, comfort is the most important feature for most and the GR3® definitely doesn’t disappoint. It has a padded top handle and two padded side handles, ideal for carrying through the airport or pulling out of the overhead bin and the shoulder straps are extra padded to carry heavier loads more comfortably.

Ideally suited for outdoor adventure, the GR3® from Goruck allows you to clip your hydration bladder into the interior d-ring with a carabiner and feed the hose through the exit port under the top handle of the ruck to keep hydrated out in the wild. If you’re after a new adventure backpack for this summer / fall, you’ve just found the ideal candidate in our opinion here at Coolector HQ.

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