Goruck Jedburgh Rucking Boots

For those wanting footwear that’s not going to let you down wherever your adventures take you, Goruck are a brand that should be at the forefront of your thinking. A fine example of why this is the case is their latest footwear release, the Jedburgh Rucking Boots. This first-class footwear is available in three different colourways – namely, Wolf Grey, Black and Coyote – so you’ll be able to find the ideal pair for your own style.

The Goruck Jedburgh Rucking Boots are priced at a thoroughly reasonable $175 and each pair is crafted from supremely robust Deception Canvas™. You must be prepared to live on your feet. You’ll move by any and all forms of transportation. From time to time, you’ll stash your rucksack, but you’ll always have your boots on and ready for action. You demand the absolute best because your life depends on it. This is the mantra that inspired the Jedburgh Rucking Boots.

Military Inspired

The night prior to the Allies storming the beaches of Normandy, the first 3-man Jedburgh team jumped into occupied France. They linked up with the local resistance fighters and set about waging guerrilla warfare against the Nazis — in the form of sabotage, ambushes and raids — and coordinated supply drops that would further arm the resistance fighters and draw enemy away from the main Allied efforts. 93 Jedburgh teams deployed between June and September 1944 to work behind enemy lines in urban and rural areas, by day and night, supporting a shared mission to liberate the free world from oppression.

The Goruck Jedburgh Rucking Boots ($175) honour the legacy of the 300 men selected as Jedburghs and are adaptive to their broad array of mission requirements. So, you can rest assured, they will be more than capable of keeping pace with whatever terrains and adventures you’re putting them through. The new Deception material used in their crafting is recycled polyester woven tight to provide a vintage canvas aesthetic. It’s more robust, dries quicker and, perhaps best of all, happens to be eco-friendly in the process.

Jedburgh™ Rucking Boots boast an all-new, versatile performance upper on the same solid foundation as Goruck’s classic rucking boot – the MACV-1™. They both share the same no-nonsense, yet extremely lightweight EVA midsole and all-terrain outsole that positively thrives in all kinds of different terrains. Your Jedburgh’s will retain their shape no matter how many miles you put under them.

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