Goruck Ruck Plate Carrier

If, after lockdown is ended, you’re still wanting to maintain any fitness endeavours you’ve kickstarted during the quarantine and find yourself on the hunt for gear to knock things up a notch, look no further than the Goruck Ruck Plate Carrier™. Billed as the most streamlined and efficient means of adding weight to your workouts. The Ruck Plate Carrier™ (aka RPC) can house a 20 LB or a 30 LB Ruck Plate (sold separately) and is worn high and tight on your back for natural stability.

The Goruck Ruck Plate Carrier™ has a price tag of $95, which is a small price to pay to significantly enhance the intensity of your workouts. This small but perfectly formed fitness accessory from Goruck ensures your chest stays open so you can breathe better to push harder, and it’s effortlessly simple to clean — and just hang to dry. Easy as that.

Powerful Performance

The Ruck Plate Carrier™ from Goruck is a weight vest killer. Your intensity during workouts should be the reason you feel like you’re suffocating — not your equipment – and, with this clever bit of kit, it will be. Each one is designed to securely hold 20 or 30 LB Ruck Plates high and tight on your back with an extra secure hook and loop closure.

This means you can hold it upside down and it won’t shift about. The Goruck Ruck Plate Carrier™ ($95) is superior to a weight vest in pretty much every conceivable way and as you’re freeing up your chest, it’s more straightforward to clean and won’t stink the gym up. It also doesn’t beat up your chin while doing pushups, and looks aesthetically superior to boot.

Extremely simple in design and streamlined to the max, the Goruck Ruck Plate Carrier™ won’t get in the way of your workout and it will be just a Ruck Plate® on your back – no zippers, no extra straps or extra MOLLE. Always look cool and workout ready. Goruck know what they’re doing when it comes to provide the most robust gear on the market and this top notch piece of workout apparatus is a fine example of this in action.

Exceptional Comfort

Weight belts aren’t exactly the most comfortable pieces of equipment to wear during a workout so the Goruck Ruck Plate Carrier™ will come as a godsend to those who are serious about their hardcore workouts. It has shoulder straps which are extra padded to carry heavier loads more comfortably. Also, loads of padding at the top help to protect during dynamic movements such as Bear Crawls and burpees.

Priced under $100 and exceptionally versatile, it’s not hard to see why the Ruck Plate Carrier™ is an extremely popular product for the guys at Goruck. There’s no spacer mesh so it doesn’t absorb all the stink. Just spray it down with a hose and scrub with soapy water if needed. Say hello to your next tortuous piece of fitness equipment – but one that will get the job done.

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