GORUCK Sandbag Bundle

When it comes to exercising and keeping fit, free style weights are going to deliver the sorts of gains you’re after and for those after a rigorous workout regimen over the coming months, investing in one of these GORUCK Sandbag Bundles seems like an obvious choice. Available in weight varieties from 40lbs through to 120lbs, you’ll be able to find the ideal resistance for you and these are great for proving that getting stronger doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Load a training sandbag up and do the work in your garage, park, front yard, or anywhere else you can think of.

These are proven to be the best and toughest training sandbags on the market and, as proof, they all come with GORUCK’s Scars Lifetime Guarantee. They come with robust, padded handles that will undoubtedly test your grip strength but won’t tear your hands up in the process. They are positioned all over every sandbag to facilitate different angles and movements and to fit in with how you want to use them during your exercise routines.

Robust Workout

The guys at GORUCK don’t use rubberised handles for their Sandbag Bundles because (1) Rubber handles break and (2) You’ll hate a rubber handle when you’re getting into your workout and every time you shoulder the sandbag it’s putting weird pressure on your neck and back so, as such, they don’t use them. There is a superior construction throughout these Sandbags which includes double pass stitching at every seam (this requires two passes with a sewing machine), box stitch reinforcement at the handles, 28 bartacks with 42 stitches per bartack.

Built with 1000D CORDURA® and the burliest, sturdiest YKK zippers that money can buy. You don’t really want to hear those zipper heads clanging against each other over and over and over again whilst you’re working out, do you? If you want to hear Metallica on full blast, not metal zipper heads, these GORUCK Sandbag Bundles are going to be the ideal choice for all your outdoor workout endeavours.

Such is GORUCK’s confidence in these no-nonsense sandbags, they offer a Scars Lifetime Guarantee which means if you break them or rip them, they will repair or replace them. GORUCK don’t need to know the date of purchase and they can recognise their own gear. So train hard in confidence if your sandbags are damaged, you’ll get a replacement in no time at all.

Tried & Tested

GORUCK’s sandbags have been tested and proven at thousands of GORUCK Challenges since 2013 and at GORUCK Selection, the toughest endurance event in the world – so, rest assured, they’ll be more than capable of keeping pace with your workout activities. With prices starting at just $135 for the 40lbs bundle, you don’t have to break the bank to get your hands on a highly effective piece of workout gear.

Looking for something straightforward and effective for your work-out? One of these GORUCK Sandbag Bundles definitely gets our vote here at Coolector HQ. Great value, incredibly robust and offering an excellent amount of versatility for your workout, what’s not to like?

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