Famous Guns

As fans of action movies here at Coolector HQ, we’ve seen a fair share of film gun play and, truth be told, there have been some highly iconic shooters on the silver screen over the last half century and more. Well, it’s well beyond our means to track down all the different guns that have graced the big screen (or have been iconic in some other way) but, as luck would have it, a talented fella by the name of Federico Mauro has taken the donkey work out of it for us and committed many of the major weaponry from film and television in his great series entitled, somewhat brilliantly, Famous Guns.

Mauro is an Italian art director and multimedia designer and he has compiled his exceptional list of movie guns merely for his own gratification but we here at Coolector HQ are certainly glad that he has taken the time out to do so because the end result is all sorts of awesome. With all manner of tip top weaponry to feast your eyes on – including the pieces packed by Vincent Vega, Ghostbusters, John Maclane and Robocop – you’re sure to recognise plenty of your favourite guns from a vast array of movies from over the last few decades.

The much decorated designer has won an impressive array of accolades for his work and, if the rest of his offerings are as spiffing as Famous Guns, it really isn’t difficult to see why this is the case.

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