GoSun Chillest Cooler

A cooler that doesn’t need ice certainly sounds alright in our book here at Coolector HQ and that’s why we’ve had our heads well and truly turned by the GoSun Chillest Cooler which is funding over on Indiegogo right now. This impressive camping and beach trip essential is a 45L cooler with two refrigeration zones. It can keep your food and drink cold for 10+ hours and, crucially, no ice is needed, ever.

The GoSun Chillest Cooler on Indiegogo can be yours for the introductory price of $699 which is some 30% off the final retail price so get a wriggle on if you want to bag yourself a cooling bargain. Billed as the ultimate outdoor cooler due to the fact that, instead of using ice, it is capable of cooling your food and drinks using the power of the Sun. Impressive stuff indeed.

Outdoor Ready Accessory

The 45L Chillest cooler prepares you for any outdoor event with a built-in battery and all-terrain wheels alongside plenty of other thoughtful extras such as inside lighting, tie-down straps and organisation baskets for keeping your food and drink separate and easily accessible. It also has a built-in compressor that lets you set the temperature right where you want it with a range from -4°F to 68°F (-20°C to 20°C). What’s not to like?

Given the fact that the GoSun Chillest Cooler ($699) doesn’t need ice, you can use 100% of the cooler’s volume for your food and drink on your next beach trip or camping excursion. GoSun Chillest has nearly double the room for food and drinks when compared with coolers of equal dimensions which makes it an essential addition to any regular camper’s lineup. The Chillest doesn’t just chill your food and drinks, it has a separate section to keep them frozen – which means ice cream is fair game in this cooler.

Solar charging gives you extended refrigeration for your long adventures. Simply attach the GoSun Elbow Solar Table right to your Chillest for a usable surface to play cards, serve food, or use it as a desk, all while powering your cooler. Win, win. If you’re after an iceless cooler for your future camping adventures, they just don’t come any better than this one. Head on over to Indiegogo to bag yours.

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