Grand Theft Auto V

I remember playing Grand Theft Auto for the first time way back in the day when it was released on the original Playstation and remember said experience fondly. I wouldn’t have predicted just how far the franchise has come in the sixteen years that have passed since the first incarnation of this insanely popular franchise.

The culmination of these advancements is surely Grand Theft Auto 5 and, as you can see from the gameplay video above, the game has come one hell of a long way since the original bird’s eye view offerings of the late 90’s. Excitement is understandably high for this latest offering from the guys over at Rockstar and, it’s safe to say, one of my most beloved games looks to be set to thrive still further when it is released this September.

With a remit of improving every aspect of Grand Theft Auto IV (which, in itself, hardly seems possible), the chaps beavering away on Grand Theft Auto V for the last five years or so certainly had a high benchmark to attain but all aspects are looking exceptionally promising from the video above and I eagerly await the September release of this stunning looking offering from Rockstar.

Find out more at Rockstar Games.

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