Gravel Backpack System

Finding the right accessories for our outdoor adventures is something that is occupying our time here at Coolector HQ and a lot of the gear we’re falling for right now can be found over on Kickstarter. The latest to have caught our eye is this superb looking and obscenely versatile Gravel Backpack System which is entering its last week on the crowdfunding platform so move quick if you want to bag yourself a bargain. Literally.

The Gravel Backpack System on Kickstarter is essentially three bags working together as one to adapt to every day on the move. It is a 42L Backpack, a Sling Bag and, last but not least, an 11L Day Bag. The fact you can get your hands on an accessory as functional and versatile as this for as little as $399 for all three bags is great value for money and you can buy the different bags separately for an unbeatable price as well.

Staying Prepared

Not every adventure will be the same so having accessories which can adapt to your requirements is essential and that’s exactly what you get with the Gravel Backpack System on Kickstarter. Some days you might need to carry a lot of stuff like a rain jacket, camera, water – especially when you’re in a new place but other days you need to travel light. This Gravel Backpack System covers every eventuality in terms of how much you need to carry.

The Gravel Backpack System on Kickstarter ($399) is an impressive line up of accessories and its the 42L Carry-On Backpack that underpins this collection of gear. You can pack it all into an array of functional pockets, access it quickly, and stay comfortable with adjustable straps and structure that will adapt to any adventures that you find yourself on.

Another stand out addition to this line up of accessories from Gravel is the 11L Day Pack which packs effortlessly inside the 42L Carry-On Backpack, and attaches on the outside. It is perfect for your expeditions exploring the great outdoors to ensure you’ve got all your essentials close to hand. It boasts loads of pockets for water, tech to work remotely and its great for all the stuff you need to explore further.

Excellent Features

Gravel know what they’re doing when it comes to crafting functional accessories and this Backpack System is no exception. It’s the backpack is fully adjustable for the right fit and they also have vertically adjustable shoulder straps for proper fit and weight distribution. Another great addition is the sling belt which reduce the constant digging for stuff like chargers, snacks, wires, passport and AirPods.

If you’re after the ultimate in functional accessories for outdoor adventures when the lockdown comes to an end, you’ll get everything you need and more from the Gravel Backpack System on Kickstarter. Great value for money and exceptional craftsmanship combine to make this an unbeatable addition to any man’s adventure line up.

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