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If you’re anything like us here at The Coolector, you will have got through a fair few phones in your time and become attached to some of the earlier iterations in your line up. If you had a Nokia or Blackberry back in the day and looking for something to celebrate the awesomeness of these flagship devices, look no further than this brilliant GRID® Tech Art which deconstructs and frames some of the most iconic pieces of technology to have graced our pockets in the last decade or so.

GRID® is billed as a component art studio and they task themselves with creating some truly unique pieces of artwork made from deconstructed pieces of tech. In this digital technology era today, some digital products will evoke memories of years gone by and this artwork is a celebration of these memories. If you loved your first Nokia handset or your bulky original iPod Touch, GRID® have got just the thing for you.

Meticulous Deconstructed Design

It is clear to see that a lot of painstaking detail has gone into the creation of these pieces from GRID® and we can think of few things that would look better hanging on the wall in the workspace of any tech enthusiast out there. Whilst there are only currently a few different handsets and bits of tech to pick from, the quality is second to none and we can’t wait to see what other products come under GRID®’s purview in the future.

GRID® have chosen some of the most memorable bits of tech and smartphones for their great looking works of art and we’re particularly partial to their Blackberry release given that is one of the first smartphones we rocked here at Coolector HQ. They create a collage style effect for their designs which will immediately catch the eye and delivers an aesthetic quite unlike anything else out there.

Tech lovers are sure to appreciate the lengths GRID® have gone to in order to make these pieces of art as striking as they are and regardless of whether or not you used to own one of the bits of tech displayed, you’ll love the eye-catching visual impact that they have and they will make a great statement piece of art in any home or office.

Top Notch Tech

There is a real sense of nostalgia upon witnessing bits of tech like the Blackberry Bold, old school iPod Touch and Nokia E71 and if any of those devices resonate with your sensibilities, you’ll want to move quickly because they guys at GRID® have currently got a sale on and you can pick up your artwork from as little as $129.

If you’ve got some wall space you’re looking to fill with artwork in 2021 and not sure where to begin, these brilliant creations from GRID® would certainly be a top pick of ours here at The Coolector. Innovative, unique and eye-catching in the extreme – what’s not to like?

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