Taylor Stitch Hardtack Sweater

Though the summer heat is still in evidence around Coolector HQ, the temperatures are beginning to recede a little and we’re starting to turn our attention towards the autumn wardrobe now. With this in mind, it is sweatshirts that are at the forefront of our thinking right now and none more so than this super cool, effortlessly stylish Hardtack Sweater from Taylor Stitch that is undergoing pre-funding as we speak.

Available for the bargain price of $198 during the pre-funding phase, the Taylor Stitch Hardtack Sweater will be your go-to top when the weather starts to become cooler over the next few months. Made from the finest materials and boasting the sort of old school cool that is sure to appeal, there is plenty to appreciate with this first class piece of apparel from San Francisco lifestyle brand, Taylor Stitch.

Timeless Classic

There is a real timeless feel to the aesthetic of the Hardtack Sweater from Taylor Stitch. It wouldn’t look out of place on a man working away in a workshop back in the 60s and equally looks just as cool today when heading out on a wilderness adventure or to your local taproom. The Hardtack Sweater is pleasingly robust and hard-wearing and will serve as your ideal adventure ally over the autumn months.

Created to stand the test of time in every part of its design – from the everlasting, goes-with-everything demeanor, to the meticulous attention to detail in the construction, down to the sheepskin elbow reinforcements, the Hardtack Sweater from Taylor Stitch really is the whole package from a style and performance point of view. It is a striking and comfortable donegal-flecked sweater that will beat the chill tomorrow the same as it will a decade from now. In addition, the cashmere yarns make sure that it’s more comfortable than just about anything else you’ll find in your wardrobe.

As always, it is the materials that helps to really set the products from Taylor Stitch apart and this is particularly the case with the Hardtack Sweater. Built to last in every part of its design, this cracking piece of apparel is very much to our style tastes here at Coolector HQ. With cashmere being the principle material for this sweater, you’ll be blown away by how soft and comfortable it is and you’ll want to wear on every possible occasion. It comes from a very specific breed of goat and not only is it finer, stronger, lighter, and softer, than sheep’s wool, it’s also three times more insulating. Warmer, more comfortable, and more robust.

Into The Wild

For those of you looking for pieces of apparel that will stand up to your autumn adventures, as well as looking great for more day to day activities, you’ll find exactly that with the Hardtack Sweater from Taylor Stitch. It is 100% pure cashmere and has a incredibly soft hand feel with the Donegal flecks providing an excellent amount of depth and texture. The real Sheepskin tan elbow patches add a touch of old school cool to proceedings as well.

We love the apparel of Taylor Stitch here at The Coolector and this Hardtack Sweater is one of their coolest looking, most comfortable and robust pieces to date. If you’re after some cornerstone pieces for your autumn wardrobe, this first class sweater ($198) certainly won’t disappoint.

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