H House

Any house situated on a stunning coast line already has a pretty big tick in the plus column but when it’s as mesmerisingly designed as the H House from Felipe Assadi Architects then all bets are off. Spectacularly conceived and executed, this is undoubtedly one of the finest looking and luxurious pieces of architecture that we’ve encountered in some time here at Coolector HQ and for those with a love of ocean side properties are going to be in their element with this one.

The H House from Felipe Assadi Architects is located in Zapallar in Chile and has breathtaking views out onto the Pacific Ocean which the layout and clever design of the structure really capitalise upon. This magical looking property boasts a lengthy concrete layout across a sloping site which has extended areas which form covered balconies not to mention a quite out of this world perpendicular swimming pool that adds a really luxurious finishing touch to proceedings.

Sensational Views

You’ll be hard pressed to find a better positioned house than the H House in Chile because it doesn’t just have the aforementioned exceptional views of the Pacific Ocean, it’s also got a stepped path which winds its way down to a nearby beach so you can go for a swim as and when the mood takes you. The property itself has an uncompromising, elongated form which delivers a compelling and eye-catching contrast against the verdant mountainside that surrounds it.

The Felipe Assadi Architect designed H House has two floors and it is raised off the inclined ground, which allows for a highly functional and striking passageway to weave its way underneath the property in order to connect the different levels of the home. It has been made from reinforced concrete, and has two substantial beams which run the length of the roof and the first floor to provide additional structural support to the dwelling.

With uninterrupted views of the Pacific Ocean from the terrace of the H House, you’re not going to find many more relaxing places than this to relax and unwind. The spectacular property has a swimming pool which reaches out from the beneath the base of the H House and out towards the ocean. It has a concrete ramp which gradually slopes from the lower floor up to the pool, doglegging in the centre to really add a whole new level of aesthetic superiority to the whole property.

Beach Side Living

The upper floors of the H House are filled with living spaces that make the most of the impeccable views and has an open-plan living room, dining room and kitchen at one end and this space is filled with sliding glass doors that meet the terrace and bathe the area in natural light and magical views. The interior design endeavours of H House are understated and minimalistic and very in keeping with the ocean side position of the home.

We love seaside properties here at The Coolector and seldom are they as breathtaking as the H House from Felipe Assadi Architects. Gloriously positioned and carefully designed so as not to impact on its beautiful natural setting, this is exactly the sort of architecture we will always find ourselves gravitating towards.

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