Hamilton BeLOWZERO Tenet Watch

If you’re a fan of mind-bending movies chances are you’ll be eagerly awaiting the delayed release of the next Christopher Nolan film, Tenet, and if you’re also a fan of high quality timepieces, prepare to be in your absolute element. The Hamilton BeLOWZERO Tenet Watch is one striking and no-nonsense timepiece which is inspired by the movie and will make for one impressive addition to any watch collector’s line up.

The Hamilton BeLOWZERO Tenet Watch has a price tag of $2095 and comes in to subtly different designs. Hamilton designers and engineers, in collaboration with the design team from Christopher Nolan’s new film, TENET, have produced this brilliantly bold, custom-made timepiece which is chock full of unique features that only Hamilton was trusted to bring to life.

Massive Collaboration

Hamilton’s latest Hollywood partnership is their biggest one yet and involved extensive collaboration between their design team and the production design team behind Christopher Nolan’s latest film TENET. Initial conversations showed that the film required a watch with features that do not currently exist in a commercially available Hamilton timepieces. Upon accepting the challenge, Hamilton committed to merging creativity with craftsmanship to produce this key movie prop which can now be yours to own.

The Hamilton BeLOWZERO Tenet Watch ($2095) is the result of an 18-month preparation which included technical development, testing and production at the Swatch Group’s lab in Switzerland where their engineers found a way to combine the needed technology with the display on the dial of the Khaki Navy BeLOWZERO. To meet filming needs, Hamilton created dozens of the final prop watch and Hamilton watchmakers were on the movie set to offer support with the watch’s unique functions.

It will be limited to just 888 pieces and this merely serves to add to its appeal still further. It is cased in lightweight titanium and this special edition timepiece boasts a blue or red-tipped second hand as a reference to key colours in the movie. Each colour version has just 888 pieces, a number chosen as a nod to the movie title, which is also a palindrome, something that reads the same backwards and forwards.

Stealthy Design

This all-black watch is the epitome of stealthy style and with 100-bar water resistance it’s ready for action in any environment. Special packaging created by TENET production designer Nathan Crowley will match the second hand colour and contains clues to the film’s narrative. It has a three-hand movement with or without a date function and boasting an unparalleled power reserve of 80 hours, the H-10 appears with intricate contrasting snail and pearled patterns for the American Classic models it drives and streamlined surfaces for the pilots’ watches.

Tenet looks to be one of the year’s biggest blockbuster movies and this awesome looking watch from Hamilton is sure to fly off the shelves as a result. If you’re in the market for a pleasingly stealthy timepiece which is overflowing with cool features, this one really will be tough to beat and we’d love to get our hands on one here at Coolector HQ.

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