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We spend an awful lot of time on the hunt for new men’s grooming brands here at Coolector HQ and it’s not every day we come across one of the calibre of Can You Handlebar, who boast one of the most extensive and impressive line up of beard, moustache and skin care products you’re likely to find. If you’ve got a beard that needs taming or moustache that needs waxing, Can You Handlebar should definitely be one of your first ports of call.

We’ve teamed up with Can You Handlebar to offer readers 15% off their entire order, just use code: COOL15. As always, they offer free shipping in the US, and feel free to subscribe to their newsletter to receive updates on new products and other offers.

Using nothing but the best ingredients, Can You Handlebar avoid parabens, instead preferring to use natural alternatives instead. They use real beeswax for the texture, consistency and hold it provides and the quality of all their wares really does stand out from the crowd. All of their grooming goods are made in the U.S and their beard oil, moustache wax and dry oil are all crafted in their Mt. Clemens, MI facility to exacting standards.

For those after some of the best men’s grooming products on the market, Can You Handlebar certainly don’t disappoint, and you can see some of their best products below:

Can You Handlebar Beard Oils – $20

Available in a variety of different aromas to suit the various tastes of the bearded chaps out there, the superb selection of Can You Handlebar Beard Oils ($20) are a real cut above the competition. Some of the stand out aromas on offer include black coffee, spiced citrus and fresh cut spruce & lemon and regardless of which you pick, it will ramp up the allure of your facial rug. Each oil has a blend of light and medium base oils which helps to ensure that both the hair and skin are refreshed and moisturised with each application. These excellent oils can eliminate itchiness, dryness or flaking (also known as “beardruff”) and will allow your beard to reach its healthiest and most attractive aesthetic. ($20)

Can Your Handlebar Beard Shampoo – $25

Your beard shouldn’t be neglected when you shower and it deserves a product as excellent as this Can You Handlebar Beard Shampoo ($25) which is specially formulated for beards but is also suitable for all hair. This fantastic beard wash cleans your hair and skin without robbing them of the oils necessary to keep them hydrated and healthy. This is important because clean and healthy beards are less dry, and less prone to itchiness and flaking and it will make sure your beard always looks its finest. Boasting a glorious aroma, this Beard Soap from Can You Handlebar has the brightness of spearmint and vetiver which are balanced with sage and myrrh for a effortlessly clean scent. It is scented with essential oils, and designed to give you an initial burst of fragrance as you lather up in the shower that will wear in softly as you go about your business. ($25)

Can You Handlebar Moustache Wax – $15+

Can You Handlebar’s flagship product when they first started out on the journey of being one of the best grooming brands in the business was moustache wax and they take great pride in providing two of the highest quality waxes on the market today. Their top notch moustache wax comes in two different strengths: namely, Primary and Secondary, and they will each provide quite the performance when it comes to keeping your moustache in line. Both of these waxes are quite firm, and deliver a professional hold to cater to your desired moustache styling effect. The wax can easily be softened by running the tin under warm water before applying and it will make sure your moustache turns heads wherever you go. Their Primary Wax has a medium strength hold and the Secondary Moustache Wax offers a firmer hold for more complicated styling endeavours. ($15+)

Can You Handlebar Beard Oil Brush – $25

A good quality beard oil brush will be your greatest ally in keeping an unruly beard in check and they just don’t come much better than this Can You Handlebar Hand Made Beard Oil Brush($25). Crafted in the U.S.A, the Can You Handlebar Beard Oil Brush® is the perfect means of applying product while keeping your hands free of oil or balm. A first of its kind tool, it was designed specifically to fit into Can You Handlebar’s Beard Dry Oil (Beard Balm) tins. The brush base is made from a sturdy maple wood and the bristles are soft, natural horse hair. The bristles gently and rapidly disperse beard oils and balms throughout your facial hair, and provide a healthy shine and even coverage of product throughout your beard. ($25)

Can You Handlebar Tattoo Balm – $15

It’s fair to say that beards and tattoos often go hand in hand and if you’re a bearded, tattooed individual, you’ll likely want to add some of this Can You Handlebar Tattoo Balm ($15) to your line up if you’ve got any new ink on the horizon. This brilliant balm was crafted to help protect your fresh artwork with an all-natural product designed to hydrate and nourish the skin as your tattoo heals. Can You Handlebar’s blend is positively overflowing with skin-enriching ingredients such as Grapeseed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Sal Butter and Vitamin E. They always use locally-sourced Michigan beeswax, which forms a barrier between your skin and your environment, and helps to protect while locking in their signature moisturising formula. Your tattoos will thank you. ($15)

Can You Handlebar Dry Oil Beard Balms – $20

One of Can You Handlebar’s best sellers and understandably so, the Dry Oil Beard Balm ($20) is a room temperature solid that melts with slight friction or in the palm of your hand.  It’s simple to put on and delivers direct and natural conditioning of your facial hair. This blend of light and medium-weight oils ensures both shine and nourishment of the hair and skin. This can reduce itch and flaking and most crucially, it makes sure your beard will grow to its healthiest and fullest. Can You Handlebar add a small amount of Michigan beeswax to their Dry Oil to help in taming and shaping your hair. ($20)

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