PIM Mylo Compact Electric Bike

Let’s face it, we’re now inundated with means of urban commuting but not all modes of transportation are created equal and this fantastic looking PIM Mylo Compact Electric Bike is one of the most functional and eye-catching steeds we’ve encountered in our years here at Coolector HQ. It looks quite unlike any other electric bike on the market and for those who want a no-nonsense steed capable of tackling all manner of urban terrains, it may well be the ideal candidate to be your next set of wheels.

The PIM Mylo Compact Electric Bike has a price tag of $1495 which, considering its mighty impressive capabilities, is a small price to pay. This fantastic contraption has all the great features you’d expect from an electric bike and combines it with a compact design that makes it one of the most portable offerings on the market and definitely one of the most versatile. This brilliant creation folds in less than 1 second and the innovative design makes it an ultra compact and manageable scooter you can store just about anywhere.

Perfectly Compact

Most people’s commutes will often entail also using public transport and that’s why the compact nature of the Mylo from PIM is such a welcome feature that adds to its appeal significantly. Whilst most people will likely use this excellent ride for commuting, that belies just how much fun it is to ride and it offers a performance unlike any other e-bike on the market. It is such a striking machine that will turn heads everywhere you go and whether you’re RV’ing, commuting, or just using on the daily for your various adventures, MYLO is an absolute blast to ride.

Built from the ground up to offer the ultimate in performance, the PIM Mylo Compact Electric Bike is powered by a throttle activated 250w hub motor which ensures that it always gives a first class performance whatever the terrain. It has a standard battery version which typically averages around 15 miles per full charge which will be more than enough for most urban adventuring endeavours. There is also the option of adding a second battery to your purchase which will extend the ride distance up to a mighty impressive 30 mile radius.

A real engineering marvel, the PIM Mylo Compact Electric Bike has left us thoroughly impressed here at Coolector HQ with its range, speed and overall performance. It can be folded up or unfolded in just a matter of seconds which is testament to the quality design it boasts and the whole process is so smooth and rapid that it’s hard to believe that a ride of this size can be made so compact, so quickly. With an 18MPH top speed, it is certainly no slouch and you’ll be able to get across your home town in no time at all.

First Class Components

Everywhere you look with the construct of the PIM Mylo Compact Electric Bike you’ll see an impressive component or design element. This includes the robust but lightweight aluminium frame, the hydraulic disc brakes, dual front wheels for enhanced stability on uneven terrains, thumb throttle and the electric display which gives you riding data such as speed, milage, battery life and power level.

Available for just $1495, you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck with the superbly designed and crafted PIM Mylo Compact Electric Bike. It has a top speed of 18MPH, a great range up to 30 miles and one of the most effortlessly compactable frames on the market that takes just seconds to fold or unfold. For anyone on the lookout for a new ride in 2019 that dares to be different and has an unparalleled performance, this has to be a prime contender.

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