Happier Camper Trailer

Whilst winter is a season that most of us won’t typically think about heading out into the wild on a camping adventure, it always pays to be prepared and start getting your equipment in place for when spring and summer roll around. Well, it’s fair to say, we’ve seen few bits of kit more conducive to an awesome camping trip in 2017 than this glorious looking Happier Camper Trailer.

Spending time out in the wilderness is made all the better if you’ve got suitable shelter from the elements and in the coolness and functionality stakes, you’re going to find few better candidates for the job than this Happier Camper Trailer. Offering an abundance of storage and sleeping space, this is one contraption that will make camping in 2017 all the better.

Cool Camping

This superb piece of design is the result of a lifetime of enthusiasm and years of careful craftsmanship with a desire to produce the ultimate in outdoor camping accessories. An Adaptiv™ interior that you can tailor to your requirements comes as standard along with a slew of first rate features such as a huge rear hatch, wide entry door, classic fenders, honeycomb fibreglass floor and large panoramic windows to make the most of the wilderness vistas.

The ability to configure the interior to your own requirements and tastes is a real feather in the cap of the Happier Camper and it really isn’t too difficult to fathom why this superb looking piece of design is proving so incredibly popular amongst those with a love of the great outdoors.

Every Happier Camper Trailer is hand-built in California by experienced craftsmen with an impeccable attention to detail and the considerable quality shines through in every element of the design. If you’re looking for a fantastically versatile solution to experiencing the wilderness in style, the Happier Camper has got all the hallmarks of a classic and we’re loving its wonderfully retro aesthetic here at Coolector HQ.

Keep on Rolling

If you’re a regular camper or love going on road trip adventures, investing in one of these excellent Happier Camper Trailers will definitely be money well spent because it provides everything you need to make the most of your time on the road and beneath the stars. Each one is made by hand to exacting specifications and the quality of design and construction is plain to see.

Happier Camper are a brand that are making waves in the world of camping and it is their phenomenal trailers that are responsible for this. Boasting an amazing vintage aesthetic and a high degree of customisation where required, there really is nothing not to like about these extraordinary machines.

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