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We’ve featured the products of Hard Graft extensively here on the pages of The Coolector but have more or less stuck solely to their awesome accessories such as wallets and bags in the past. This, however, does a disservice to their ever-growing and brilliant line up of apparel which includes shoes, sweaters, tees and more.

Check out our top picks of Hard Graft Apparel below:

All-Set Canvas Sneakers in Black – £140

Billed as the ideal casual mid-top sneaker – easy and lightweight with an extended vulcanised rubber sole for great grip and comfort. Boasting a low-key and familiar yet bold and unique aesthetic, these brilliant All-Set Canvas Sneakers from Hard Graft have a heavy duty washed cotton canvas upper which is joined by a top quality rubber sole foxing for the ultimate easy everyday shoe. Using an old technique, the foxing is applied by hand layer by layer to deliver each shoe the eye-catching, irregular handmade look. Last but not least, they have flat cotton laces, cotton lining, comfy insole and a grippy rubber sole complete the build in some considerable style. (£140)

Ribs Tee in Plaster – £58

The main draw of this basic tee from Hard Graft is the unbelievable comfort to the touch it has. This magnificent Hard Graft Ribs Tee is strangely heavy and light at the same time and Hard Graft have used a special soft treatment that brings this feature to life. The minute you lay hands on it, you’ll understand why they are so proud of the comfort it possesses. A fairly understated design with just a few details such as ribbed edges, a round neckline, and a relaxed fit an slim sleeves. Boasting a great fit, beautiful versatile colour (plaster – slightest warm off white) and a few stand out details make this tee a must in opinion here at Coolector HQ. (£58)

Ribs Hoodie in Raven – £166

A mighty stealthy piece of apparel, the Ribs Hoodie from Hard Graft is comfort personified. This first class piece of outerwear is ideal for the impending cooler nights of autumn and is supremely comfortable and versatile enough to go with more or less any occasion. This limited edition offering has been made with a great attention to detail with the fabrics picked, which despite being light, thanks to the brushed surface inside, it’s also temperature regulating as well. This soft on the skin the hoodie keeps you warm on those colder winter nights but doesn’t feel out of place on windy, summer day at the beach. It’s an effortless all-rounder, which will be timeless, season after season. (£166)

Two Pima Cotton Socks

Lets be honest, most of us are quite disappointed when receiving socks as a gift but if it was these Two Pima Cotton Socks from Hard Graft, it would be a different story altogether. These expertly crafted socks from Hard Graft are hand made in Italy, in shades of melange grey with that striking and special rib structure and the finest quality yarns for the ultimate in comfort day in, day out. Made from 100% Pima cotton, which have long silky fibers that result in a wonderfully soft yet incredibly strong fabric. They are resistant to fraying, tearing, pilling, wrinkling, and fading and the quality of these socks really does speak for itself and will be just the right fit for everyday wear all year round.

Brushed Sweatpants – £157

Though initially designed for travelling, it was clear that these sweatpants were destined for much more because when you arrive at the destination, you won’t want to take them off. Immeasurably comfortable, yet still perfectly acceptable day wear – these are going to be your go-to piece of apparel for lounging around in. These are quite elaborate sweatpants, which have been crafted in Italy with cut and sew details and deep pockets. The fabric won’t weigh you down thanks to the double brushed inner surface and lightly brushed exterior, and you’ll be pleased to hear it is also temperature regulating whilst still maintaining its lightweight finish. (£157)

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