Hard Graft Carry On Suitcase

If you watch Mad Men and think that when Don Draper steps on a plane that it looks like the golden age of aviation, you wouldn’t be wrong. Well, you can help play your part in bringing this back round again with this ace looking Hard Graft Carry On Suitcase which is almost obscenely dapper. It boasts plenty of storage and style in spades so if you’re looking for a new carry on for 2020, look no further.

As we’ve come to expect from the wares from Hard Graft here at Coolector HQ, the Carry On Suitcase doesn’t come cheap and has a rather hefty price tag of £1229 but you need to view it as an investment in travelling in style for many years to come and it becomes an easier pill to swallow. It comes in a sumptuously stylish chestnut colourway that oozes elegance and sophistication and if you’re rocking this on your next flight, you’ll definitely have the coolest carry on onboard the plane.

Draper-esque Dapperness

Refinement is the order of the day with this spectacular Hard Graft Carry On Suitcase. It isn’t just an attractive accessory, of course, and is a mighty functional one as well that will make travelling through the airport an absolute breeze. This eye catching carry on from Hard Graft is as timeless and well made as we’ve come to expect from the brand and the materials used are, once again, second to none.

The Hard Graft Carry On Suitcase (£1229) is positively overflowing with vintage vibes and this shines through in both its aesthetics and design. This excellent piece of luggage from Hard Graft is like stepping back in a time warp to the 50s and 60s when men really did travel in style and had the accessories to match. This classy offering will turn heads aplenty throughout the airport departure lounge and on the plane itself.

This majestic accessory will add a touch of nostalgia to your travels with its refined looks and style and it is ideally suited for taking on short trips and carrying on board your flights. Each one is crafted from rich chestnut vegetable tan leather and boasts an wonderfully soft and luxurious wool lining. It looks so cosy on the inside that you’ll be jealous of your possessions when you’re putting your seat in the full upright position.

Stand Out Performer

When you find the right piece of luggage, chances are it will be right by your side for all your overseas adventures for many years to come and, from what we’ve seen here at The Coolector, the Hard Graft Carry On Suitcase is certainly the right piece of luggage. It meets all on board luggage requirements and measures around 50CM x 34CM x 16CM / 20.4″ X 13.3″ X 6.3″. It’s a soft suitcase that has been reinforced in all the right places. You can carry it on the handle or with the removable and adjustable wool and leather shoulder belt.

Each Hard Graft Carry On Suitcase is crafted in Italy and you can attach it to your trolley suitcase with the dedicated leather loop. Inside you’ll find one large zip pocket for your laptop and one small zip pocket (for phone, cash and other EDC essentials). It has a small adjustable leather belt that keeps all your clothes in place whilst you’re on the go. The ultimate in classy luggage.

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