Taylor Stitch “The Crewneck” Sweater

There are, of course, no shortage of menswear brands with which to fill your wardrobe in 2020 but it’s not everyday that you come across one that manages to regularly release such quality apparel with the consistency of the guys at Taylor Stitch. Even their staple offerings like The Crewneck Sweater are, if you’ll excuse the awful pun, a cut above and if you’re after the perfect layering piece for the tail end of winter then look no further.

The Taylor Stitch “The Crewneck” Sweater is exactly the sort of gear we gravitate towards here at The Coolector. It is effortlessly cool, no nonsense and made from top quality materials to ensure its exceptional comfort for wearing day in, day out. It is priced at a mighty reasonable $98 which is a bargain for such a robust and comfortable layering piece and “The Crewneck” Sweater from Taylor Stitch is available in three different colours to you can choose the one that best fits in with your outfit choices and unique sense of style.

Small Batch Quality

Something that really sets the wares from Taylor Stitch apart from the competition is the fact that they craft their apparel, including this ridiculously cool sweater, in small batches with an emphasis on quality over quantity and that’s definitely something we can get on board with here at Coolector HQ. This tailored, mid-weight crew neck sweater is knit from a cozy blend of organic cotton and recycled polyester, loop back terry-cloth and will deliver a level of comfort that is off the charts.

Stylish, versatile and comfortable in the extreme, the Taylor Stitch “The Crewneck” Sweater ($98) is going to be a go-to for the remainder of winter as we transition into spring and summer and it’s not hard to see why it’s one of Taylor Stitch’s most popular pieces of apparel. The raglan sleeves are cut from the neck to below the armpit for maximum range of motion throughout the day. Both soft and insulating, this timeless terry fabric pairs with a wide array of other staples in your closet, making it a daily driver for years to come.

Each one of these excellent looking sweaters from Taylor Stitch is cut from a 50%-50% blend of organic cotton and recycled polyester with a loop back French terry. It is the perfect fall and winter weight and it is an easy piece to simply toss over a shirt and look great. The 50-50 blend of this sweater gives you all the strength of organic cotton, with the warmth and softness of a recycled poly so “The Crewneck” Sweater from Taylor Stitch really is the best of both worlds.

Responsibly Built For The Long Haul

In a world of fast fashion, it’s heartening to see brands like Taylor Stitch striving to make a difference with their manufacturing techniques and lessening the impact that they have. On top of their ethical manufacturing, “The Crewneck” Sweater from Taylor Stitch has an almost obscene level of comfort. The loop back French terry feels like an extremely soft towel on the inside and a ‘conventional’ sweatshirt on the outside. The looped fibres of this sweater will retain heat, but stay off the skin, so this style never gets too hot or uncomfortable whatever the weather.

The sub-$100 price tag of this sweater from Taylor Stitch is the real icing on the cake and it will undoubtedly be a mainstay of your wardrobe rotation over the next few months and beyond. This excellent piece of apparel from one of our favourite menswear brands here at The Coolector ticks all the right boxes from a style and comfort perspective and we’ll definitely be adding one or two to our own line up sooner rather than later.

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