Hard Graft Focus Camera Strap

If you’re a photographer or want to ramp up the aesthetic quality of your camera, you’ll not find many better options for this than the Focus Camera Strap from Hard Graft. Devilishly dapper in the extreme, the Hard Graft Focus Camera Strap has a price tag of £150 but it will provide a highly versatile performance and an unparalleled visual impact for your camera so it’s a small price to pay in our opinion here at The Coolector.

If life taught us anything in 2020 it is probably that we all need to focus. Focus on the good in life, focus on your personal surroundings and focus on the things that make you happy. This segways nicely into the world of photography and capturing memories and with this Hard Graft Focus Camera Strap, you’ll instantly feel more inclined to grab your camera when you head out of the door and document your adventures in 2021 and beyond.

Carry Your Camera in Style

The Focus Camera Strap is a solid piece of equipment for your precious camera and will look particularly appealing on a vintage style camera that has a touch of class of its own. It’s crafted from thick belt leather with minimal detailing but what’s there is on point and with a real focus on functionality and performance when you’re out taking pictures.

Attached to the Hard Graft Focus Camera Strap (£150) is a large comfortable shoulder pad and includes two metal split rings with a diameter of ca. 1 cm (which is sufficient enough to work with most cameras). The length is adjustable from ca. 115 to 125 cm (45” – 50”) to make it work well for you and how you like to carry your camera. The camera will hang around 58cm from the neck and ensure it’s always within easy reach when there’s so action to capture on your camera.

All of Hard Graft’s wares, including this Focus Camera Strap, are crafted in Italy from locally sourced Italian and European materials. They’ve spent the last 14 years tracking down the best suppliers, materials and manufacturers to ensure they do justice to their designs. Fans of photography and vintage style designs will be in their element with their Hard Graft’s awesome Focus Camera Strap.

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