Hard Graft Layover Holdall

When you find the perfect holdall, chances are you won’t need another carry for a long time and we might just have found exactly that in the shape of the stylish and versatile Hard Graft Layover Holdall. It’s not cheap but nothing worth owning ever is and with the £510 price tag you’re going an effortlessly stylish accessory that is overflowing with functionality and all the storage you’ll need for short breaks and weekend adventures.

The Hard Graft Layover Holdall (£510) has the sort of aesthetic that we’ve come to expect from this top class accessories brand and the quality is there to the touch. It has an evergreen quality that will never go out of style and it is made from the very best materials on the market and built to last a lifetime.

Travel Ready Accessory

Hard Graft are positively synonymous with classy accessories and you can now add this exceptionally dapper Layover Holdall to their line up of awesome wares. This superb looking carry will be your new best friend on any short breaks you’ve got planned this Christmas and for 2020 with its abundant storage space and effortless cool.

The Hard Graft Layover Holdall (£510) has been designed based on the knowledge that life is a journey not a direct path from start to end. It’s confusing and ad-hoc with the most thrilling times usually coming from surprising layovers. Seemingly unnecessary diversions at first can sometimes turn into journeys and the most treasured times and you’ll need a carry that is versatile enough to deal with any unexpected stops you make along the way.

For this first class design from Hard Graft, they could have just sewn the strap and bits and pieces onto the felt, but that would have been only a fraction as impressive as what they actually crafted. They created brilliant depth instead by cutting out and leaving out and ensuring that this bag has plenty of different layers to be appreciated. Wool over wool with eye-catching leather detailing underneath. This Hard Graft Layover Holdall will be adding a surprising and unusual depth to any journey.

A Stand Out Carry

There are plenty of neat little design features to appreciate with the Layover Holdall from Hard Graft. Some of the stand outs in our opinion include the generous dimensions which measure some 45x30x25cm which will be more than enough space for all your weekend trips and adventures. The bag closes with a premium metal zip that opens to 60cm and the max height of the bag is 35cm. Needless to say this a mighty versatile format capable of covering every eventuality.

Don’t even get us started on the quality of the materials. As we’ve come to expect from Hard Graft, no expense has been spared in the crafting of this majestic looking Layover Holdall (hence the lofty price tag). It uses melange grey wool felt paired with their Classic Brown vegetable tan leather. The bag is lined with dark grey wool and finished off with quite a bit of vegetable tan leather detailing. Everything has been crafted in Italy to the highest standards and this delivers a real tangible sense of quality throughout.

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