Hard Graft Lean iPhone SE Case

Finding the right case for your iPhone is no trifling matter and it can often be extremely difficult to find a solution that meets all of your requirements. That’s why when you find a purveyor of accessories that consistently excels with their offerings, they will likely be your first thought when it’s time for an upgrade. That leads us nicely onto the superb looking Lean iPhone SE Case from The Coolector regulars, Hard Graft.

This gloriously crafted and aesthetically superior case will tick all of your boxes from a functionality perspective but it also boasts such a dapper look and feel that you’re iPhone will be in for an absolute treat. As with many of the products from Hard Graft, the Lean iPhone SE Case is crafted from vegetable tanned leather and fine felted well and is hand crafted in Italy for a quality of finish that is second to none.

Supremely versatile and durable, the Hard Graft Lean iPhone SE Case takes some beating in the style department and offers a high level of protection for your phone but also transform into a handy stand so you can watch media on the go. Check out a few more shots below:






You know you’re getting a superior quality product when you go for those accessories from Hard Graft and the brilliant looking and robust Lean SE iPhone case is certainly no exception. A great looking and stylish solution for all your iPhone requirements.

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