Hard Graft Leather Envelope

If, like us here at The Coolector, you regularly like to go and work from a pub of coffee shop from time to time, you’ll want to have the ideal accessory for porting your tech around and we think we might just have found it in the shape of this infinitely classy Leather Envelope from the guys at Hard Graft. This effortlessly cool offering is stylish, versatile and sumptuously luxurious so it will ensure you look the part whenever you’re working out and about away from your desk.

The Hard Graft Leather Envelope has a price tag of £200 which reflects the high quality materials from which it is made and the quality of the craftsmanship that goes into putting it together. It is available in a Classic and Coal colourway so you can choose the one which best fits in with your current EDC lineup. The classic design of the paper envelope has been around since the 1800s and you might just say it really stood the test of time and it has been well and truly been bought into the 21st century by Hard Graft here.

Style & Substance Rolled Into One

We love the accessories from Hard Graft here at The Coolector and this Leather Envelope typifies everything that is great about them. Quality materials, craftsmanship and design flair roll into one to provide the ultimate in dapper accessories which offer both form and function. Your tech will be well protected as it is nestled within this envelope and it also has additional space for both your phone and your core line up of debit, credit and travel cards to boot.

The Hard Graft Leather Envelope (£200) is inspired by nostalgia and the fact that, even in the digital age, we all appreciate getting an envelope-wrapped birthday card in the post. It’s this old-fashioned sentiment of the haptic and personal experience that the guys at Hard Graft wanted to capture with this design. And, as you can see, it is mission well and truly accomplished. The quality is tangible both inside and out and you’ll not have had an accessory quite as majestic as this in your EDC collection before.

This sophisticated full leather envelope is elegantly lined with thick felted wool and measures 34x22cm (9×13″). It will hold your 12.9″ iPad with Apple Pencil or 13″ Touchbar MacBook Pro and documents. It boasts a designated space for your iPhone 12 Pro and business/credit cards in the back (or the front, depending on what you prefer). Each one of the Hard Graft Leather Envelopes is crafted in Italy and is an extremely classy way to carry your precious things in our humble opinion.

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