Hard Graft Point Headphone Case

Looking after one’s headphones, particularly when you spend a lot of time moving around from A to B, is no mean feat but it can become a whole lot easier with the right tools for the job such as this brutally simple yet painfully stylish offering from a perennial favourite of ours, Hard Graft, and their excellent looking Point Headphone Case.

Crafted from über premium vegetable tanned Italian leather, you’ll have no qualms about the quality on offer from Hard Graft with their Point Headphone Case and each one is crafted by skilled workmen who apply the colour from tree bark for the great looking little accessory you see before you. Designed with the H3 Earbuds from Bang & Olufsen in mind, this Headphone Case will protect them admirably from any bumps and scrapes by padding them in soft wool. Feast your eyes on a few more shots below:











Though undeniably expensive for such a small, limited use accessory, there is no escaping the luxurious nature of this Point Headphone Case from Hard Graft and if you happen to own a pair of headphones that you are particularly attached to and want to make sure they travel in style and safety. Hard Graft are regulars on the pages of The Coolector and this is largely due to the fact they seldom put a foot wrong in the style and functionality department and this is no exception.

Price: £46

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