Hard Graft Small Brick Card Case

Most men today will veer towards minimalist, understated accessories when it comes to completing their EDC line up and if that’s your cup of tea too, you’ll want to sit up and take notice of the Hard Graft Small Brick Card Case, which will be ideally suited to any man who wants a functional wallet without the bulk. Another mighty luxurious looking piece from Coolector regulars, Hard Graft, the Small Brick Card Case is diminutive in size but gargantuan in style.

Priced at £96, the Hard Graft Small Brick Card Case certainly isn’t the cheapest wallet on the market but it justifies its price tag with the use of impeccable materials throughout and a functional design that today’s contemporary man is going to appreciate. Classy in the extreme, this cracking accessory from Hard Graft is going to add a considerable level of dapperness to your EDC line up and we’re big fans of its eye-catching aesthetics here at Coolector HQ.

Small But Perfectly Formed

The majority of men nowadays seldom carry more than a few cards on them and given the reduction in bulk that we carry, we’re able to get away with using much more streamlined and understated wallets. This is great so far as we’re concerned at The Coolector because it means we can make use of fantastic accessories like this Hard Graft Small Brick Card Case which, like all products from this top class brand, are made in very limited runs so you can be one of a few in the world to own one.

Despite its small looking stature, you’ll be able to carry around 12 cards within the Hard Graft Small Brick Card Case which, let’s face it, is more than most men will require. The majority of us will have a couple of bank cards, membership cards and travel cards at most and this excellent accessory is more than capable of accommodating these and your cash but doing so in an uncomplicated and unbulky way so as not to cause too much of an imposition to your pocket.

The Hard Graft Small Brick Card Case boasts a duo-tone, coal black and rich brown vegetable tan leather exterior which immediately catches the eye and has a dapper disposition which is sure to appeal. This majestic looking accessory has hand painted leather edges and is expertly crafted in Italy, which makes it a mighty well designed “WRAP AND SNAP” case that will serve you proud day in, day out for many years to come.

Classy Design 

There is something about the aesthetics of all the wares from Hard Graft that elevates them above the competition and, whilst they typically have the price tag to match, there is an undeniable sense of quality permeating through all their products that make it worth your while. For those in need of a new wallet this Christmas and want to push the boat out a little, the Small Brick Card Case seems like the ideal candidate.

Expertly crafted in Italy to exacting standards, the tangible level of quality to this first rate accessory from Hard Graft is plain to see from the minute you lay your hands on it and you’ll be pleased with how it develops its own unique patina over time as well. Exclusive in nature due to the limited run production, these exemplary card cases won’t be hanging around on the shelves for long so move quickly to secure yours.

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