Hard Graft Ta Da Card Case

Finding the right wallet or card holder for your EDC line up will be a priority for a lot of men as we head into 2020 but we might just have cut short your quest and find the ideal candidate in the shape of the ace looking Ta Da Card Case from the guys at Hard Graft. Regulars on the pages of The Coolector, the accessories from Hard Graft are always second to none and this devilishly dapper Ta Da Card Case is certainly no exception.

The Hard Graft Ta Da Card Case comes with a price tag of £130, which is reflective of its quality and the exemplary materials used in its crafting. This is the sort of timeless, evergreen product that Hard Graft have become synonymous with and if you find yourself in need of a versatile new wallet for your day to day needs, this would definitely be a top pick of ours here at Coolector HQ.

Wallet Perfection

Available in a number of different colourways to suit different style persuasions, the Ta Da Card Case from Hard Graft boasts both first class aesthetics and fantastic functionality. The Ta Da Card Case is so-called as it’s an imitation of a fanfare, used typically to call attention to an impressive entrance or a dramatic announcement and for those who like to make a show when making payments, this is the wallet for you.

The Hard Graft Ta Da Card Case (£130) not only offers you a magician style showmanship when you pull your wallet out to pay, it also turns out to be very convenient means of accessing your cards and cash. You can open the case and all seven credit cards / business cards are perfectly revealed and fully accessible at the drop of a (magician’s) hat. We love the visual impact of this excellent accessory and it is the latest string to Hard Graft’s already mighty impressive bow.

The card case from Hard Graft also features a small back pocket for your folded bank notes and closes with a black herringbone elastic which ramps up the functionality of the design considerably. Each on of the Ta Da Card Cases from Hard Graft is made from vegetable tan leather in Italy and this delivers an unparalleled sense of quality that sets it apart from other accessories on the market.

Excellent Fit

Each wallet measures 10cm x 7.5cm x 1cm so it will sit effortlessly in your trouser or coat pocket and always turn heads aplenty when you take it out. This is a one of a kind card case, for a one of a kind person and if you want to freshen up the look and feel of your EDC line up, this is the perfect place to start. Hard Graft have spent the last decade tracking down the best suppliers, materials and manufacturers to ensure they do justice to their designs.

Though the price tag of £130 is a bit of a punchy one for a wallet, you’ll not find many that offer the same quality to the touch and functionality as the Ta Da Card Case from Hard Graft. This classy accessory has all the space you’ll possibly need for your cards and cash and always looks the part when you pull it out to pay. A definite two thumbs up from us here at Coolector HQ.

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